Fine-tuning Network Security

Network Security

By JP Blaho The way workers conduct business is rapidly changing, and as a result, there are new demands on network security. To start, users increasingly are relying on Internet-based software applications to conduct business. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) use is up, resulting in an 18 percent increase in worldwide revenues from last year to this year. Facebook use more than tripled (in terms of percent of corporate network bandwidth consumed) and Twitter use on company networks grew 700 percent year-to-year from 2010 to 2011, according to one study. And browser-based file-sharing is now found on 92 percent of company networks. Further, there is a blurring between work and personal life. … Read more

Enterprise-level Security at a Small Business Budget

Cloud Security

By JP Blaho As companies embrace the fact that every business is a contender on the Internet, and every company is subject to the same types of vulnerabilities and attacks, they must all realize their network security postures must be advanced and robust.  This means that a company of six employees must have network security protections which mirror those of an organization of 6,000 employees.  As cost-prohibitive as it sounds, there are ways that non-enterprise-level businesses can implement a security strategy that is comprehensive and effective in protecting themselves from attack just as successfully as enterprise customers. One such solution is called Unified Threat Management ( … Read more