Author: Colleen Giannone on

The Resilient 4: Arming Organizations for IT Disaster Recovery

Band Aids don’t fix bullet holes. If that sounds familiar, you probably heard it in Taylor Swift’s new single “Bad Blood.” Ironically, the words apply very well to the concept of IT disaster recovery. When an organization takes “bullets” via a natural disaster, data breach, an issue compromising employee safety, or the infrastructure of a […]

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Author: Charles Iannuzzelli on

Avoid Getting Bitten In the Budget By These Information Technology (IT) Risk Management Issues

We all know what an ideal budget looks like: every factor is neatly categorized as its own line item, strategic initiatives are fully funded, all the numbers balance, and nothing ever changes throughout the fiscal year. When it comes to budgeting for Information Technology (IT) risk management, every possible issue has been identified and provided […]

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Author: Nora Hahn on

Qumas Speeds The Pharmaceutical Market With A Resilient Life Sciences Compliance Platform

Challenges in the life sciences are nothing new. In the early 1900s, an outbreak of diphtheria threatened the population of Nome, Alaska. A frozen engine prevented the only airplane in the region from delivering the antitoxin to the affected city, so officials turned to several teams of sled dogs to traverse the 1,000 mile distance […]

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