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Managing Your Crisis Management: 5 Ways To Get Ahead Of The Mess

Most crisis management plans kick in after an event has occurred. But there’s also an aspect to crisis management that can (and should) take place before any incident happens. The fact is, current mechanisms for predictive analysis, modeling, and forecasting – coupled with availability of data – allow organizations to identify and respond to events […]

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Q&A with @SunGardAS User Group Forum Keynote Speaker, Michael Leiter

Michael Leiter serves as an expert on counterterrorism, cybersecurity, and national security for NBC News and worked as the director of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) from 2008 to July 2011. On October 15, Mr. Leiter will deliver the keynote address at the annual SunGard Availability Services Business Continuity International User Group Forum at the […]

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A Fresh Perspective on Resilience Exercises

Reading a Harvard Business Review Blog this week triggered this thought on resilience: when conducting any validation exercise, it is important to invite “outsiders” to participate. John Baldini, writing for HBR, noted that management coaching involves having an outsider suggest ways to improve your perspective on reality and decision making, with the suggestion to invite […]

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Lessons Learned … Again

With continuing concern surrounding the damaged nuclear plants, the global community continues to watch the turmoil unfolding in Japan. In the twenty days since the Sendai earthquake and the resulting tsunami brought unimagined devastation to the Japanese nation, we are seeing just how small planet earth really is. Global Dependencies are Felt Locally Moving beyond […]

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