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CISCO LIVE 2015: Channeling The Transformers To Build Your Cloud

Thirty years ago, the Transformers toy brand came into being when a Japanese toy company, Takara Tomy, sold its hybrid half-robot, half-alien toy line to Hasbro. A gagillion toys and four feature films later, Transformers still continue to sell extremely well throughout the world. The idea behind Transformers is that an individual toy’s components can […]

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Stretch Your IT Dollar With Cloud Computing Services

Cloud services are hot. Use of cloud service providers has become a growing best practice in the corporate world. Organizations are outsourcing IT services to cloud providers to reap measurable benefits for a variety of IT initiatives. Instead of investing in software and hardware, these organizations have seen their as-a-service budgets lower their total cost […]

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3 Questions That Should Drive Your Enterprise Cloud Architecture Strategy

It seems like everywhere I look these days, there’s a new cloud technology solution promising to deliver all the benefits of hosting applications, data, platforms and even infrastructure in the cloud. Interest and demand for cloud-based solutions has never been higher, and the marketplace has responded with an abundance of solutions that offer every possible […]

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Do Your Homework Before Shopping for Hybrid Cloud Computing Services

Hybrid cloud services bring together both public and private cloud infrastructure. The public cloud is deployed at a service provider’s cloud data center while the private cloud is deployed at a customer’s data center. A managed hybrid cloud services solution can provide tremendous new efficiencies to an organization’s IT environment. They free internal resources to […]

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DRaaS And The Cloud: The Why, What, And How Of Recovery Services

The network cloud has become a very popular place. All kinds of services can be found there. Now, add disaster recovery to the list. It turns out that cloud service features match customer requirements for backup and recovery solutions amazingly well. Stringent security and high availability in carrier-class cloud environments have been proven and accepted. […]

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