Hybrids (The Cloud Services Variety) And Network Strategies For CIOs In The Internet Of Everything Era, According to Cisco Executive Rob Lloyd

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As President of Development and Sales at Cisco, Rob Lloyd travels the world talking to customers and industry aficionados these days about the evolving challenges and opportunities brought by the Internet of Everything. That includes looking at current and future network platforms, software, architectures, applications, and strategies. With the number of devices accessing network resources growing dramatically—along with security concerns, operational complexity, costs, and customer expectations—how does an enterprise create the right network strategy for today and tomorrow? Sungard Availability Services spoke with Lloyd to get his insights. The Hybrid Cloud is Hot Lloyd believes that clo … Read more

Do Your Homework Before Shopping for Hybrid Cloud Computing Services

Before selecting a hybrid cloud service be sure to know the right questions to ask.

Hybrid cloud services bring together both public and private cloud infrastructure. The public cloud is deployed at a service provider’s cloud data center while the private cloud is deployed at a customer’s data center. A managed hybrid cloud services solution can provide tremendous new efficiencies to an organization’s IT environment. They free internal resources to work on strategic projects rather than maintaining general applications and services infrastructure. Complexity is decreased with the latest cloud-ready architectures and infrastructure. And business agility (flexibility and speed) is greatly enhanced, which can be a competitive advantage. So what do you ask providers of hybrid … Read more

DRaaS And The Cloud: The Why, What, And How Of Recovery Services

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The network cloud has become a very popular place. All kinds of services can be found there. Now, add disaster recovery to the list. It turns out that cloud service features match customer requirements for backup and recovery solutions amazingly well. Stringent security and high availability in carrier-class cloud environments have been proven and accepted. So if you’ve been waiting on these features to look into cloud services for disaster recovery, the wait is over. Cloud Service Benefits Yes, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)—a subset of Recovery as a Service (RaaS)-- is booming because customers are feeling confident in the security and availability features in cloud inf … Read more

How CIOs Can Talk To CEOs About The Cloud

Before talking to your CEO about moving to the cloud, learn how to make the conversation a productive one!

A lot of CIOs are being told by their CEOs, “We need to be in the cloud. Go research it and get us there.” From the CEO’s standpoint, they know that the cloud is “big.” They may have heard a peer say, “We’re leveraging the cloud in our business,” where “the cloud” is being used as bragging rights. They’ve probably heard about phenomenal cost savings associated with the cloud. What the CEO often doesn’t understand – and that the CIO does – is that “the cloud” is a term that is used ubiquitously to describe a lot of different things. This leaves the CIO wondering what, exactly, the CEO is looking for “in the cloud.” If you are a CIO and you find yourself in this position, STOP. It’s time t … Read more

Sungard AS Channel Partner Program Recognized With Industry Awards

And the winner is…. How Sungard AS is teaming with channel partners to bring Cloud Services to market!

A dramatic shift is occurring in the IT channel, made up of Value Added Resellers (VARs), Solution Providers, Agents and Distributors -- and Sungard Availability Services is right in the thick of it. Channel partners are looking for ways to meet customer needs for cloud services, RaaS and other "as-a-service" solutions and to help them move from CAPEX to OPEX spending models while maintaining current business operations based on reselling hardware and software. Our Partner Program is helping channel partners through this time of transition by offering the opportunity to: • resell or refer complementary services based on leading technology providers such as Cisco, EMC and NetApp • build a r … Read more

Why A Cloud Services SLA Is Not The Key To Uptime

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Uptime is king – at least for organizations moving applications and data to the cloud. Cloud services providers often offer availability guarantees to ensure uptime, but they’re not as strong as you might think. In fact, according to the International Working Group on Cloud Computing Resiliency, despite such guarantees, a total of 568 hours of downtime at 13 well-known cloud services had an economic impact of more than $71.7 million dollars between 2007 and mid-2012. So how can your organization avoid unwanted downtime? The first step is recognizing just what a cloud services provider’s service-level agreement means for your organization. Watch out for asterisks that limit the SLA guara … Read more

Designing for Failure Conditions

Today we hear from Chip Childers, product architect for SunGard’s Enterprise Cloud Services and partners with our product management and product engineering teams to drive the overall solution design of the service…CM I’m a big fan of designing systems to deal with component failures. But let's be honest, doing that perfectly is pretty darn hard. In the research paper all possible sources of fault conditions have been classified into 16 different categories. In another paper, "Software Architecture Reliability Analysis using Failure Scenarios," an 8-step failure analysis process is proposed for how to understand a system's potential failure conditions. All this is about identifying and clas … Read more

Successfully Transform Enterprise IT With The Cloud: A Pragmatic Guide

I'm proud to be presenting at the Interop Conference next week in Las Vegas.  The session is titled "Successfully Transform Enterprise IT With The Cloud: A Pragmatic Guide".  Below is the abstract and details;  I hope to see some of you there - CM   Abstract - As cloud adoption has become the hot topic in the Enterprise, there are many lessons to be learned as to how the early adopters have found success (and some failure) with Cloud projects.  Most enterprises where not built on applications and systems designed to take advantage of the web technologies that are driving public cloud’s rapid adoption.  That doesn’t mean IT has to sit on the sidelines.  There are pragmatic means to use the c … Read more