Why A Cloud Services SLA Is Not The Key To Uptime

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Uptime is king – at least for organizations moving applications and data to the cloud. Cloud services providers often offer availability guarantees to ensure uptime, but they’re not as strong as you might think. In fact, according to the International Working Group on Cloud Computing Resiliency, despite such guarantees, a total of 568 hours of downtime at 13 well-known cloud services had an economic impact of more than $71.7 million dollars between 2007 and mid-2012. So how can your organization avoid unwanted downtime? The first step is recognizing just what a cloud services provider’s service-level agreement means for your organization. Watch out for asterisks that limit the SLA guara … Read more

Designing for Failure Conditions

Today we hear from Chip Childers, product architect for SunGard’s Enterprise Cloud Services and partners with our product management and product engineering teams to drive the overall solution design of the service…CM I’m a big fan of designing systems to deal with component failures. But let's be honest, doing that perfectly is pretty darn hard. In the research paper "Fundamental Concepts of Dependability,” all possible sources of fault conditions have been classified into 16 different categories. In another paper, "Software Architecture Reliability Analysis using Failure Scenarios," an 8-step failure analysis process is proposed for how to understand a system's potential failure conditi … Read more

Successfully Transform Enterprise IT With The Cloud: A Pragmatic Guide

I'm proud to be presenting at the Interop Conference next week in LasVegas.  The session is titled "Successfully Transform Enterprise IT With The Cloud: A Pragmatic Guide".  Below is the abstract and details;  I hope to see some of you there - CM   Abstract - As cloud adoption has become the hot topic in the Enterprise, there are many lessons to be learned as to how the early adopters have found success (and some failure) with Cloud projects.  Most enterprises where not built on applications and systems designed to take advantage of the web technologies that are driving public cloud’s rapid adoption.  That doesn’t mean IT has to sit on the sidelines.  There are pragmatic means to use the clou … Read more

Key Considerations When Moving to IaaS

Rahul Bakshi is  the Vice President, Managed Services Solution Design at SunGard Availability Services Now that more enterprises are starting to embrace IaaS and the cloud, here are some key considerations when making the cloud move: First and foremost – prior to evaluating providers – it is critically important for an organization to know and understand how its applications are architected and the benefits it is looking to obtain from an IaaS solution.  This includes, but is not limited to – testing and certifying on virtualization, testing performance characteristics, and understanding any application interdependencies.  Similarly, enterprises need to articulate what they are hoping to ac … Read more