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Think you know everything there is to know about cloud? Think again. Actually, a lot of people find the cloud to be a complex concept, but it doesn’t have to be! For that reason, we’ve created a special roundup this week getting down to the nitty-gritty. We’ll take a look at the fundamentals: cloud’s capabilities, where it’s going, and ultimately, what the cloud really is and what it isn’t. The Cloud Is… Getting Big Self-built and third party provided cloud is at 70% in 2014, but that’s expected to skyrocket in the coming years. So much so, that the now $41 billion private cloud market will expand to a $69 billion dollar market by 2018. But something still remains the same: security is a t … Read more

Fill In The Blank: Cloud Computing Is Not Possible Without _____

According to these experts, cloud computing cannot exist without factors like a migration plan and application compatibility with the cloud.

We polled cloud experts around our company to see how they would fill in the blank of this sentence: “Cloud computing is not possible without _________.” It’s certainly interesting to see how varied (and yet valid!) all the responses were: Dominick Paul, National Vice President, Strategic Solutions “Cloud computing is not possible without abstraction from infrastructure. In order to gain the benefits of a scalable, portable, and flexible architecture, applications have to be developed and deployed with the cloud in mind. Eliminating the dependencies on hardware or even operating systems allows enterprises to focus on the end interaction, (it’s all about the app, isn't it?) rather than how t … Read more

As Good As IT Gets 6.11.14: The Best IT- Cloud Computing – Security Blogs This Week

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You can thank us later for reminding you – but, don’t forget Father’s Day this coming Sunday. If you are anything like me, you are scrambling to find something - anything but a tie - that will demonstrate your affection for your Dad in a way befitting his manliness. And, if you are anything like me, you are stuck. Thank goodness there are people out there who knew we would be in this predicament. PC Mag and both have some cool ideas for Father’s Day gifts. Check out these links if you need some inspiration: • 10 Father's Day Gifts to Help Dad Feel Young and Cool • Top Tech Father's Day Gift Ideas After a quick review of the gadgets on these lists, I wouldn’t blame any fathers ou … Read more

As Good As IT Gets 6.4.14: The Best IT- Cloud Computing – Security Blogs This Week

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Not long after we celebrated the start of summer with barbecues and pool parties, we are already preparing for hurricane season. Last week, May 25-31, was National Hurricane Preparedness Week. According to the National Weather Service, “History teaches that a lack of hurricane awareness and preparation are common threads among all major hurricane disasters. By knowing your vulnerability and what actions you should take, you can reduce the effects of a hurricane disaster.” Please check out these two links for more on hurricane preparedness to help you protect yourself, your loved ones, and the things you cherish. • National Hurricane Preparedness Week: Ready For The Storm • NOAA Hurric … Read more

As Good As IT Gets 5.28.14: The Best IT- Cloud Computing – Security Blogs This Week

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Summer is officially here. It’s after Memorial Day, and many of us enjoyed a day off on Monday to celebrate the holiday. In case you were too busy with all the social activities that surround Memorial Day, and a long weekend, here’s a recap of the Memorial Day News around the web. For starters, let’s make sure you are not confusing Memorial Day with Veteran’s Day – one is for the soldiers who were killed in service, and the other (Veteran’s Day) is for Soldiers who are still alive/serving. • Why Memorial Day is confused with Veterans Day Now that we have the basics covered, a piece in IT Business Edge discussed the contributions of the military toward the development and implementation of … Read more

As Good As IT Gets 5.21.14: The Best IT- Cloud Computing – Security Blogs This Week

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Temperatures are (finally) rising, and in parts of the country this means Hurricane Season. An article in Science Daily warns us that hurricane zones are shifting, according to a study conducted by MIT. “The results of the study show that over the last 30 years, tropical cyclones -- also known as hurricanes or typhoons -- are moving poleward at a rate of about 33 miles per decade in the Northern Hemisphere and 38 miles per decade in the Southern Hemisphere.” This means companies that were historically not in Hurricane zones may now be in Hurricane zones, and thus may have to rethink their BC/DR strategies. • Dangerous storms: Hurricanes peaking further north, typhoons further south, than in … Read more

As Good As IT Gets: The Best IT/Cloud Computing/Security Blogs This Week

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Last Sunday, as we all know, was Mother’s Day. Most of the top tech articles, therefore, focused on finding the perfect tech gadget to get Mom for Mother’s Day. Well, we will assume that you found whatever gift made you think of Mom, all on your own. And, instead, we’ll give you some of the other news that might interest you. It seems Mother’s Day was on everyone’s mind, and both Business Insider and Working Mother did a listing of most powerful moms around the world. • 50 Most Powerful Moms of 2014 • The World's 20 Most Powerful Moms Both lists included successful business women, politicians, entertainers, and leaders from around the world who also happened to be mothers. These lists ar … Read more

As Good As IT Gets: The Best IT-Cloud Computing-Security Blogs This Week

IT blogs

The biggest news of this past week – that Target had fired their CEO over their highly publicized data breach – should have top dogs in boardrooms everywhere quaking in their boots. No longer is the CIO the only one left holding the bag in an IT disaster (indeed – Target also appointed a new CIO this week). Now, IT impacts not only the back office, but also the highest executives in the company. Not just the executives – their boards and shareholders, too. If this doesn’t make CEOs everywhere sit up and take notice of information security, nothing will. The sacking of Gregg Steinhafel makes our own product manager, Ron LaPedis, sound like a prophet: in a late December 2013 piece on Forbes, … Read more