8 Factors To Consider In Cloud Computing Capacity Planning

cloud computing capacity planning

Sometimes, people have their head in the clouds when it comes to the cloud. Specifically, they get so excited about the benefits of cloud computing, that they forget to do cloud computing capacity planning. For example, they know cloud computing can provide faster time to market, chargeback ability, and the capability to spin up and spin down virtual machines (VMs) to meet fluctuating requirements. That the cloud is an infinitely-scalable environment, bursting with potential. You can practically see dollar signs floating in their eyes as they consider the return on investment (ROI) the cloud can bring. True? Sort of. You see, speed, scalability, and virtualization do not – in and of t … Read more

ESG Webinar: When Does Cloud Computing Make Sense?

cloud computing

The reach of cloud computing seems to be ever expanding – in fact, 6% of current IT budgets are typically spent on the cloud, and that number is expected to grow to 10% or more over the next 36 months. For those businesses that have been hesitant to adopt cloud computing, it can be overwhelming to learn all there is to know about moving to the cloud, as well as to choose a cloud provider. That’s why SunGard Availability Services, in collaboration with The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), produced a helpful webinar featuring ESG senior analyst Wayne Pauley. In the webinar, Pauley discusses how business transformations in the last several years have changed IT and how cloud computing add … Read more

7 Cloud Computing Trends To Look For In 2014

cloud computing trends

By Suhas Sreedhar Cloud computing took companies by storm this year, with nearly 60 percent of current small-to-medium businesses using cloud services and 72 percent of them virtualizing significant portions of their servers. 2014 promises even bigger growth as cloud technologies expand on every front from infrastructure and software-as-a-service to customized security and platform independence. Here are seven major cloud computing developments to watch for in the upcoming year. 1. Hybrid Clouds There might finally be an end to the heated debates over public cloud vs. private cloud architecture in enterprise IT. The rise of hybrid clouds – architectures that combine the security of p … Read more

How To Navigate The Minefield Of Cloud-Based Computing

cloud-based computing

The cloud is like the shiny “new” toy of IT – everyone’s talking about it. But there are still a lot of unknowns regarding cloud-based computing, making it a veritable minefield for those looking to get involved. Fortunately, it’s completely possible to march onward through the minefield without blowing up your infrastructure. Knowledge is power, after all. Studies have shown that more and more companies are embracing cloud computing. In fact, according to a study by TheInfoPro published in September, the worldwide cloud computing market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 36% through 2016. Organizations are recognizing the many benefits of cloud-based computing, as evid … Read more

How Best to Reap the Benefits of Cloud Computing: Build or Buy?

benefits of cloud computing

The great IT debate about how best to leverage the benefits of cloud computing continues. Is it better to own or rent? The answer is, “it depends” on what you’re evaluating and your specific requirements. Rent to own furniture…I’ll save you the trouble. Don’t do it. With Cloud, businesses like yours need to look at what is the best fit for you – it is economics as well as strategic focus. And if you’re doing your homework right, it’s not a simple process. Not only is it difficult to accurately quantify the true cost of cloud infrastructure from a provider versus building it yourself, you also need to assess your reasons for buying cloud. Most don’t make the move to cloud for anticipate … Read more

Stepping up to the Cloud [infographic]

Enterprise Cloud

Migrating to the cloud should be considered as part of an overall business strategy and have a defined business objective addressed. One company might want to leverage cloud services to reduce operating costs and free up IT staff, another might need the ability to rapidly scale capacity, and yet another might need to speed application development. Keeping the business objective in mind will serve you well as you make the move to the cloud. At each step along the way, you will need to evaluate a provider’s processes, procedures, and abilities to see if they fit your needs. Your choices must be based on how well a provider can support and meet your ultimate objective. With this in mind, there … Read more

October INSIDER: #Cloud trends, disaster planning and fall events on the horizon

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Check out latest edition of the monthly SunGard Availability Services INSIDER newsletter, a place for IT professionals to explore the latest news, trends and tips. This month’s issue features articles and videos designed to keep you up to date on cloud computing, disaster planning, customer events and more. Our video series on Recovery Services continues with a deeper look at the strategies behind Managed Recovery Planning, SunGard’s approach to taking the pain out of application recovery for complex IT environments.  Another series, our five-part serial on Cloud Computing trends, explores distributed block storage – one of the biggest changes on the cloud computing horizon. For custom … Read more

@SunGardAS Experts Give Sneak Peek Into Their #VMworld Plans

Janel Ryan

The countdown to VMworld 2012 is underway, and before the event opens and the frenetic pace of one of the largest shows of the year begins, our experts at SunGard who are attending are weighing in with their thoughts on what this year’s event will offer. SunGard’s team will be meeting customers and partners at booth #2322 to discuss SunGard solutions, such as recovering hybrid environments, and sitting in on a number of breakout sessions across many VMworld tracks. Read what our experts have to say about the technologies that are capturing their attention, and what they’re looking forward to most. And with so much to learn from both the business and the technology perspectives, the dizz … Read more