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Do You Need a Lotus or a Lada in the Cloud?

When you look at a Lotus and a Lada, you can see that you get what you pay for. That’s not a negative statement against either car. If a Lada is what you need, then that is what you should buy. If you must have a Lotus, however, you literally can’t afford to settle for anything less. The same is true for when you, as a business or IT person, are considering moving to the cloud.

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Author: Sungard AS on

From Gartner Data Center 2013: How One Global Company Transformed Its Data Center Strategy – and Saw Measurable Change

Approximately half of all organizations plan to adopt the public cloud in the next two years for all or most of their compute requirements, according to speakers at a breakout session during the recent Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas from December 2-5, 2013. But a few years ago, moving all mission-critical applications to […]

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Author: Alison Brooker on

Are More Applications Mission-Critical Than Your Realize?

Some applications are obviously mission-critical—the website of an e-tailer or the ATM machine at a bank.  However, the criticality of some application can go unrecognized unless you do a systematic qualify of each application. To qualify applications, check these metrics for each: Recovery point objective – how much data loss is tolerable?  All of today’s […]

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The Cloud and the Availability Continuum – PART 2

Like dedicated hosting, cloud computing has to address availability. Continued cloud outages, and the corresponding publicity, remind us of the importance of resiliency and availability. One of the major benefits of cloud computing is scalability and efficiency of multi-tenant infrastructure. However, even cloud infrastructures have to run in a physical data center somewhere, bringing us back to [...]

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Author: Alison Brooker on

Multi-site Options Allay High Availability, Recovery and Interconnectivity Concerns

Organizations moving essential business applications to the cloud are often concerned that they will gain cost-efficiency and on-demand capacity but loss application availability.  Given the importance of production applications to the continuity of your businesses, those concerns are legitimate. Fortunately, new capabilities being added to our Enterprise Cloud Services address those concerns.  Today, [...]

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