Author: Roger McIlmoyle on

Do You Need a Lotus or a Lada in the Cloud?

When you look at a Lotus and a Lada, you can see that you get what you pay for. That’s not a negative statement against either car. If a Lada is what you need, then that is what you should buy. If you must have a Lotus, however, you literally can’t afford to settle for anything less. The same is true for when you, as a business or IT person, are considering moving to the cloud.

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Author: Alison Brooker on

New Podcast! #Cloud Chronicle Interview with Rob Walters

Last month, we had the opportunity to participate in an interview with Patrick Pushor of Cloud Chronicle (@CloudChronicle). Cloud Chronicle is focused on evangelizing cloud computing and discussing with vendors how their technology can address critical business needs as we move to this hyper-agile notion of on-demand computing as a utility.  He focuses on standards, […]

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