As Good As IT Gets 6.11.14: The Best IT- Cloud Computing – Security Blogs This Week

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You can thank us later for reminding you – but, don’t forget Father’s Day this coming Sunday. If you are anything like me, you are scrambling to find something - anything but a tie - that will demonstrate your affection for your Dad in a way befitting his manliness. And, if you are anything like me, you are stuck. Thank goodness there are people out there who knew we would be in this predicament. PC Mag and both have some cool ideas for Father’s Day gifts. Check out these links if you need some inspiration: • 10 Father's Day Gifts to Help Dad Feel Young and Cool • Top Tech Father's Day Gift Ideas After a quick review of the gadgets on these lists, I wouldn’t blame any fathers ou … Read more

How To Improve Your Business Continuity Planning Strategy

Want to improve your business continuity planning strategy? Use planning software.

The IT world is constantly changing. Despite the fact that many companies have business continuity plans in place, the majority of them are not accessible or usable should a disaster occur. In fact, a recent survey we conducted showed that three-quarters of “compliant” business continuity plans are never used as-is during testing or disasters. Clearly, business continuity planning needs a little help. It’s difficult to craft a detailed plan for several reasons, including inadequate funding, the fact that plan information isn’t realistic, and insufficient skilled staff. Furthermore, it can be hard to prove that being prepared will pay off in the long run. In addition, teams are out of sync – … Read more

5 Steps To Getting Started With Business Continuity Planning

This useful ESG white paper encapsulates the 5 steps every organization can take towards Business Continuity Planning. It's yours if you want it...

It should come as no shock to any IT professional that business continuity planning is vital – but it’s also a challenge for many organizations. In fact, according to a 2012 survey by the Enterprise Strategy Group, 36 percent of respondents said implementing or improving a business continuity and disaster recovery plan was challenging. However, according to a different ESG survey from 2013, 20 percent of respondents indicated that business continuity and disaster recovery programs were one of their top IT priorities during the coming year. Of course, one of the reasons business continuity planning is so difficult lies in the fact that technology needs are constantly changing. There is no … Read more

Why Maps Matter to Business Continuity and Risk Professionals

Connecting data and events through maps is the next game-changer for business continuity and risk professionals.

Maps matter to us as humans. According to Wikipedia, the earliest known maps are of the heavens. Geographic maps of territories also have a very long tradition and exist from ancient times. The word "map" comes from the medieval Latin Mappa mundi, where mappa meant “napkin or cloth,” and mundi meant “the world.” Thus, "map" became the shortened term referring to a two-dimensional representation of the surface of the world. In practice, maps help us make sense out of complex information. They provide order to the content we process on a daily basis. Why else would we use the word in so many contexts? Think about it: we rely on road maps, site maps, dependency maps, customer journey maps, route … Read more

How March Madness Can Help Up Your Business Continuity Game

march madness, business continuity

Basketball and business continuity are in my blood. When it comes to hoops, I played in college, I love watching the game, and I am raising the next generation of players. As for business continuity, well, it’s my main focus five days out of seven (and sometimes more). So perhaps it’s not surprising that when my eyes are on the court, my mind is making connections to a business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) playbook. One of the biggest correlations I see is in the area of situational awareness. Take basketball first. Ever watch a group of 6-year-olds play? The little guy with the ball dribbles slowly and determinedly down the court with his head down, completely oblivious to the … Read more

How To Be Best-In-Class When It Comes To Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery

business continuity

With the slew of ice storms, hurricanes, and other natural disasters in recent years, “business continuity” and “disaster recovery” have become buzz words in the business world. Organizations want to know how to protect their data and keep their business afloat should a disaster or some other cause of downtime occur. And, according to a new infographic released by SunGard AS (see below), 74% of organizations consider unplanned IT and telecom outages a threat to their business – and they should. With the cost of downtime ranging from more than $8,500 per hour for small companies to more than $686,000 per hour for large companies, there’s a big reason to make sure your business continuity and … Read more

How to Get Your Data Through Winter Blizzards, Part 2: Communicating and Practicing your Business Recovery Plan


In Part 1: Establishing Your Business Recovery Plan, I discussed the three most important pieces of creating your plan for recovering data and continuing normal operations after a winter-related disaster: business, buildings, and people. When disaster strikes there are three major steps to begin the process of managing the incident: 1. Mobilize your central command center, activate your business recovery plan, and identify how long your organization can operate in a recovery state. 2. Manage your employees and carefully document their processes, both in terms of how to recover and how to operate. 3. Practice or test to refine processes and plans using a variety of scenarios. Once … Read more

How to Get Your Data Through Winter Blizzards, Part 1: Establishing Your Business Recovery Plan


Hurricanes are not the only disasters that can disrupt your business. Hurricane season spans from June 1 to November 30, but then Old Man Winter enters. As we know, winter storms can be most challenging, causing many forms of emergencies. Winter storms and nor’easters (winter’s hurricane) create blizzards, high winds and damaging surf, heavy snow, sleet, and damaging ice. These conditions can cause communication failures, power outages, road closures, mass transit issues, and water main breaks – all of which pose risks to your buildings, business, and employees. With winter now in full swing and a polar vortex covering most of the United States, some businesses may need to pay close atten … Read more