Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning: How to Get Your Organization Moving in the Right Direction, Part 1

business continuity disaster recovery planning

So you need to do some Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Planning, but aren’t sure how to start? Depending on the size of the task and the level of prior focus on BC/DR planning within your organization, this could involve anything from simply sprucing up your existing BC/DR plans to the overwhelming feat of creating new plan designs and implementations. If the latter is your situation, don’t feel alone. There are many data center managers, IT executives, and application owners that feel like they’re behind the 8-ball on their business continuity and disaster planning efforts. Rest easy and know that with the right steps, you can get things moving forward in the right direc … Read more

My 9/11 Story: People Are at the Center of Life. And Business. And Therefore, #BusinessContinuity Planning.


By: Maryling Yu, Director of Product Marketing, SunGard Availability Services It is 6:05am on September 11, 2001. I am sitting on an airplane at the San Jose airport, waiting to fly to San Diego to give a speech. Our departure time is 6:25am, so I am quickly reviewing speaker’s notes on my laptop when the pilot comes on the intercom and announces, “Ladies and gentlemen, you may or may not have heard that a jet liner crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center this morning. And now, another one has crashed into the South Tower. We are now sure this was an act of terrorism, and will not be pushing back from the gate just yet. Sit tight, I’ll be back with an update again soon.” I … Read more

Disasters Have a Way of Making You “Wake Up” and Rethink Recovery

Hurricane Preparedness

By Maryling Yu When I was a kid growing up in the Southeastern United States, I spent a lot of time in the back of my Mom’s lime-green Dodge station wagon, accompanying her on her many business trips to Miami, Florida. I used to love it when I got asked to go, because a) it meant I could miss school; and b) it meant I could eat as many of those delicious Florida mangoes as I wanted. I remember driving back with her once during a hurricane – she thought she could “get ahead of it” and get home to Savannah before it got too bad. Well, she was wrong. The storm seemed to descend from nowhere, and things got so windy, rainy, and gusty that we had to pull over to the side of the road to wait it … Read more