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New Video Series: Recovery Services for Outcomes that Matter

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Change is just a matter of life in IT, according to  Michael de la Torre, SunGard’s Vice President of Recovery Services – Product Management. Michael kicks off our latest video series exploring how SunGard’s Recovery Services Strategy offers customers more choices for managing their data and recovering from disasters, all from a trusted partner. This five-part […]..

Strategic Partner of the Year

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Leading Global IT Firm HCL  names SunGard Availability Services as its Strategic Partner of the Year for Data Center Hosting Services SunGard Availability Services received HCL’s Strategic Partner of the Year award in the category of data center hosting services.  SunGard was recognized for its joint Go-To-Market strategic operations with HCL and for hosting HCL’s […]..

Data Overload? Enter Managed Vaulting for NetApp

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Managed Vaulting for NetApp: Help Ensure End-to-End Data Protection As any business can attest, there’s more data to control than ever before and it keeps growing at exponential rates. Companies need to retain and manage their data efficiently, while protecting it with a viable recovery solution. Unfortunately, manual backups are error-prone, time consuming, and require […]..

Cloud Trend Series No. 1: Rewriting Applications for the Cloud

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We’re all keenly aware of the benefits of the cloud computing model: significant cost savings, combined with IT accessibility and flexibility. That’s the good news. Now for the bad news: leading IT industry analysts believe that less than three percent of applications in enterprises are cloud native. Rewriting applications for the cloud is critical, yet […]..

Meet an Inventor: Amol Gokhale Looks into the Future at Event-Based Discovery, the X-Files and More

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Amol Gokhale is manager of product development for SunGard. He’s passionate about pursuing ideas to help SunGard customers embrace change and stay ahead of the technology curve.  SunGard’s Aaron Schnarch interviews Amol to learn why he believes we can’t afford not to innovate in today’s technology-charged society. AS: Tell us about your professional background and your history with SunGard. […]..