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CTO Video Series: Cloud and the Hybrid Environment

June 2012 by 0

Chief Technology Officer Indu Kodukula discusses factors the enterprise will need to consider when moving to a cloud solution. ..


Cloud Trend Series: 5 Cloud Topics To Consider

June 2012 by 0

In this new series exploring the benefits of cloud technology, we will dive into five key trends emerging in the cloud computing space. ..


Meet an Inventor: Chris Sears

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Chris Sears is a systems engineer working on the Cloud. He’s filed two patents and has two more in the pipeline and literally gets ideas for new apps or start-ups several times a week. Read on to learn how he went from ideas to implementation and how you can too. ..


Mobile Metro Center Virtual Tour

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We'll visit SunGard's Mobile Metro Center in Orlando, Florida to see the features of a mobile recovery unit on the ground. ..