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CTO Video Series: How We Built Our Cloud

April 2012 by 2

SunGard Availability Services Chief Technology Officer, Indu Kodukula, walks us through how the SunGard cloud was built on best-in-class technology and how we are able to deliver a highly available solution for your applications, whether running on your environment or ours...


“Big Data”: What is it? Am I ready for it?

April 2012 by 0

As data and storage needs increase in complexity and sheer magnitude, companies are challenged to maintain, store, and most importantly, analyze their data in an effective manner. Learn more about the term dubbed Big Data and the new opportunities for businesses. ..


What 2012 Means for Healthcare and IT

April 2012 by 3

Of the $49 billion grant pool for implementing "meaningful use" of Electronic Health Records (EHR), only ~10% has been claimed. Learn why we think 2012 will have more planning and implementation of EHR and Disaster Recovery...


6 Questions We Receive About Cloud

April 2012 by 0

At SunGard, we frequently hear a host of questions about the cloud. Whether it's about security, readiness or availability, we've tried to address what you're asking...


Tour our Mobile Metro Center®

April 2012 by 0

Do you know the latest in Mobile Recovery Services? Join us for a virtual slideshare tour of our Mobile Recovery Unit. Flexible options tailored to your specific requirements...

Managed Backup

Our Customer Service Approach

April 2012 by 0

SunGard recently created a new executive management position to focus on customer support and I was eager to speak with Curtis Hampshire, VP of Customer Support, to learn more about his initiatives. In brief, his mission is to increase the value a customer receives from SunGard and in this interview he shares what we can expect to see in 2012...