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6 Things You Should Know About Security in the Cloud

February 2012 by 1

#1 on our list: Cloud security concerns are not dramatically different from those of traditional managed hosting. Read on for 5 more security in the cloud truths.....

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Musings of a Disaster Recovery Guru

February 2012 by 1

With over 20+ years of experience in the Information Technology industry, Kerwin Myers has expertise in all facets of recovery. Kerwin serves as our resident DR Guru and here he shares 5 insights he’s uncovered during his industry tenure.....


Dodd-Frank & IT: What’s the Connection?

February 2012 by 0

Following the financial crises of 2007-08, Congress instituted the Dodd-Frank Act, aka, “the most sweeping financial regulatory reform since the Great Depression”. It's daunting to financial and IT professionals alike so let's discuss the implications and how to ease the burden...


Real Stories, Real People: Stasia and Ellen from Acacia

February 2012 by 0

What can replication do for you? If you’re thinking your tape-based backup might need an enhancement, you’re not alone. CIO, Stacia Iwanicki, and VP of IT Solutions, Ellen Ingson from Acacia Federal Savings Bank share their experience of adopting Recover2Cloud...


Meet a Security Warrior

February 2012 by 0

This week I talk to Matt Goche, head of the Information Security Consulting practice, about how security is changing and what CISOs can do to stay ahead of this trend. What resulted was an interesting discussion ranging from the impact of social media to consumerization of IT...