June 2014 Newsletter

Business agility

Creating Business Agility with SAP and Sungard AS Cloud

It isn’t often that a product transforms not only the world of technology, but the very way we do business. Yet that’s exactly what SAP® did back in 1972, when the German company was founded to develop software that helps companies to do work faster and more effectively. Today, SAP® applications and services enable more […]

Surric! from Corporate Networks

Corporate Networks Taps Sungard AS to Create Private Enterprise Cloud

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Corporate Networks has quite a bit in common with Sungard Availability Services. The Fort McMurray, Alberta, company provides end-to-end IT solutions to K-12 and the enterprise sector including a full range of technology services, as well as consulting. For the past 29 years, it has concentrated on delivering quality — in its work and customer […]..

Len Whitten

INSIDER Voices Profile: Len Whitten

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Our new series of Sungard AS executive profiles, INSIDER Voices, features Len Whitten, senior director of Cloud Services Product Management for Sungard Availability Services. As a member of the Cloud Services Product Management team, Whitten is responsible for Sungard AS’ new Public Cloud platform. Sungard AS is broadening the overall cloud portfolio with a service […]..

PCI Compliance

Tips for Achieving PCI Compliance

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In a world fraught with identity theft and cybercrime, it’s more important than ever for companies to protect their customers’ credit card information. In the wake of the Target information breach that left the debit and credit card information of 40 million customers exposed, the FBI recently reported the discovery of approximately twenty similar cases […]..

You Asked, We Answered

You Asked, We Answered

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A dashboard report is a way to quickly view critical data so that you can make effective decisions on the spot, much in the same way a car dashboard works for a driver. The mother of all dashboards is the NASA Deep Space Network NOW, which depicts all the robotic missions going to various points […]..

Sungard AS in the News

Sungard AS News & Events

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Sungard AS is making headlines, in everything from disaster recovery to business continuity. Read the latest Sungard AS news and media coverage. Are You Ready for the Cloud? Construction Business Owner – May 1, 2014 Len Whitten, cloud services product manager at Sungard AS, discusses 10 things construction business owners should consider before migrating to […]..