March 2014 Newsletter

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2014 Trends: Hybrid IT and the Cloud

In this second installment of our series on IT trends for 2014, we take a look at Hybrid IT and the Cloud. Hybrid computing has become the “new normal” in corporate IT. Comprising both traditional IT systems and new cloud services, the hybrid model will continue to influence the IT industry over the next year. […]


Crawl, Walk, Run – Your Mobile Disaster Recovery Plan

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It’s hard to believe that nearly 30 percent of the global workforce can be characterized as anytime, anywhere information workers. That means employs are using mobile devices – smart phones, tablets, laptop PCs – in locations from their home office to the subway to Starbucks. Forrester researchers estimate that these workers are using three or […]..


Avoiding Digital Mayhem: Cyber Security is Not Enough

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Why are the costs of data breaches rising despite the substantial increase in security investments? Certainly some of it can be attributed to the rising costs of responding to breach disclosures, increased threats, and a higher priority placed on cyber-security. But a big part of the rising cost is that too much emphasis is placed […]..


Sungardian Chris Cooley Oversees Operations Transformation

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Chris Cooley is vice president of Operations Transformation for Sungard Availability Services. In this Sungardian profile, we take a look at what Chris and his team are doing to create the best customer experience at Sungard AS. Q1. Tell us about yourself and your role with Sungard AS. I’ve been with Sungard AS for four […]..


Sungard AS News and Events

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Join us at DRJ Spring World where Tracey Forbes, an expert and veteran in the business continuity space, will lead a general session entitled “Resiliency in a Risky World.” Forbes believes that plans don’t deliver outcomes – people do. Her presentation will cover the fact that the risk is too high and demands have changed […]..