A Guide To Safeguard Your Business’ Crown Jewel (SAP Enterprise) Application


Is your business one of the 253,500 organizations that runs on SAP ? If so, you understand full well why this industry-leading, all-encompassing client/server platform is considered a “crown jewel” application: First, you’ve made a significant investment to deploy, maintain and extend your SAP application platform. And, second, you can’t live without it. While that may sound a bit extreme, many businesses literally could not function if their SAP ERP system went down. In the event of a disaster or outage affecting an SAP platform, everything that goes into running the business could come screeching to a halt. How could any business—including yours—possibly prepare itself for such a scenario? … Read more

A Shopping List For Cloud Recovery Services

cloud recovery services

Why look at a cloud services provider for backup and recovery? Simple: it’s highly complex and very expensive to handle cloud recovery in-house. As businesses evolve and change, backup and recovery solutions have to evolve and change, too, to ensure smooth business continuity in case of disaster. Managing backup and recovery can swiftly become a full-time job that most companies aren’t prepared to fund. This is why outsourcing backup and recovery – using a service provider with deep expertise and up-to-date knowledge of these solutions – makes good business sense. Cloud providers who handle both physical and virtual networks, computing, and storage environments are an ideal choice. The … Read more

5 Best Practices For Leveraging Backup and Recovery For Business Resiliency

Recovery as a Service

Let’s talk about questions. Asking the right questions is key to getting the right answers. Some questions are too broad, such as, “How do I achieve business continuity?” With that question, where do you start? How do you focus? When do you stop? A better question is one that is targeted, like this: How do I leverage backup and recovery as a service for true business continuity and resiliency? Now you know where to start and how to focus: by studying backup as a service (BaaS) and recovery as a service (RaaS) and determining how and where they can effectively fit into your business continuity planning. You also know when to stop: when you have found a BaaS and RaaS solution that contr … Read more

7 Use Cases You Didn’t Think Of For Cloud Disaster Recovery

Sure, cloud disaster recovery's main purpose is to recover data; but, read these 7 other use cases to learn how to get the most out of your investment!

So you’ve got cloud disaster recovery in place. Your business is protected, and that is your number one priority for business continuity and resiliency. But – let’s face it – that was a big investment you just made. Is it really only good in a crisis? Or can you leverage your investment in cloud disaster recovery to benefit your daily operations as well? Think about it. At its core, cloud disaster recovery means that you have a pristine copy of your current production environment sitting there, ready and waiting. With that in mind, here are 7 use cases for your cloud disaster recovery capabilities that you can leverage to get a fantastic ROI for your business! 1. “I want to test some pat … Read more

How Savanna Energy Chose SunGard Availability Services As Its DRaaS Provider

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Savanna Energy Services Corp. is one of Canada’s fastest-growing energy services companies. With roughly 25 offices worldwide, including Australia and Indonesia, the Alberta, Calgary-based company provides drilling, well-servicing and oilfield services to a diverse oil and gas customer base – and it continues to expand rapidly worldwide. It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, Savanna housed all of its production and server infrastructure applications in one location. This facility employed tape for its offsite backups, and every Wednesday, a Savanna IT employee would walk to the local bank to store the tapes for their protection. Tape backup is a reliable form of data backup … Read more

Top Analyst Firms Rank And Stack Disaster Recovery Service Providers

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“Disaster” is a word business folk do not want to hear – whether they are in leadership, IT, operations, compliance, or any other department. The high cost of downtime can be measured at least a dozen different ways, including revenue loss, reputational damage, legal penalties, and decrease in stock value. The final impact analysis of a disruption is always staggering. Yet even so, countless businesses do not have appropriate disaster recovery (DR) plans in place in their organizations. Two leading analyst firms, Forrester Research, Inc. and Gartner, recently provided their perspectives on the state of the DR landscape today. For both small companies and global enterprises, we believe that … Read more

The Hidden Cost of In-House Backup

By JP Blaho Today, businesses must deal with expanding data volumes, the added complexity of highly virtualized IT environments, and a growing number of regulations and laws regarding data preservation and retention. These factors make data backup more complex, time-consuming and critical than ever before. As a result, the staff time required and cost to perform backups are both increasing. With the lingering tough economic conditions, tight IT budgets and IT staffs being asked to do with fewer resources, it is time to take a closer look at backup operations and evaluate available options. What many businesses will find is that a managed service approach, which was perhaps dismissed in … Read more

Why Virtual Machine Recovery is no Piece of Cake, Part 2

By Madhu Reddy, Director of Product Management, Recovery Services If your company is like many of SunGard’s customers, your workforce needs 24x7 access to mission- and business-critical applications, many of which now run as virtual machines (VMs). Therefore, in order to keep business operations going, it is essential that you rapidly recover these VMs in the event of an outage. In part 1 of this blog, I talked about the strategies for protecting VMs at an offsite location. To summarize, I noted that maintaining a replicated infrastructure at a secondary site is too cost prohibitive for most companies, while manual recovery using an on-demand hot-site is economically more appealing, but c … Read more