Author: Sungard AS on

Increasing Recoverability and Resiliency in a Hybrid IT Environment

IT departments today have a dual challenge: delivering high availability for increasingly complex hybrid IT environments to make sure they never go down, and ensuring appropriate disaster recovery plans just in case they do go down. With solid planning and preparation, your disaster recovery plan can minimize any event or outage and keep your business […]

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Author: Anthony Kessel on

10 DR Laws For Fully-Recoverable Production Environments

After years of experience delivering world-class disaster recovery (DR) services, we’ve whittled down what we’ve learned into 10 clear-cut rules for DR that every IT manager can live by. In fact, these 10 laws should go viral across your IT landscape to ensure a fully-recoverable production environment.  Don’t confuse backups with data recovery Having a […]

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Author: John Pitts on

5 Critical Questions To Ensure Your Production Environment Remains Available

Think of your production environment as the heart of your business operations. It’s the computer system that includes the databases that contain your production data and the end-user applications that use that data to complete your everyday business processes. In addition, having the right expertise is critical in keeping the heart healthy and running efficiently. […]

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Faster Data Recovery Service And Greater Resiliency For Kelso & Company

The private equity business is booming, according to a recent survey by the Harvard Business Review.  The Harvard survey found that private equity funds outperformed public equity markets over the last three decades, and that private equity investors anticipate improving the performance of the companies in which they invest with more emphasis on accelerating growth […]

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