Author: Thuy Ledinh on

DIY Disaster Recovery Vs. Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRaaS)

With the cost of downtime estimated at $336,000 per hour*, the question “How would you rate your ability to execute a recovery following a disaster or business interruption?” can easily be a company’s “Million Dollar Question.” In fact, it can become a “Multi-Million Dollar Question” if your disaster recovery capabilities aren’t up to par.  Given […]

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Author: Colleen Giannone on

The Resilient 4: Arming Organizations for IT Disaster Recovery

Band Aids don’t fix bullet holes. If that sounds familiar, you probably heard it in Taylor Swift’s new single “Bad Blood.” Ironically, the words apply very well to the concept of IT disaster recovery. When an organization takes “bullets” via a natural disaster, data breach, an issue compromising employee safety, or the infrastructure of a […]

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Author: Anthony Kessel on

Are Your Backup and Disaster Recovery Procedures More Than A Year Old? Throw Them Out!

Never throw away your kid’s baby pictures – but disaster recovery plans? Aren’t backup and disaster recovery procedures immortal? As the warm weather hits, we are all faced with that weekend task on the “honey do” list: spring cleaning. Time to collect the broken items you thought you were going to fix (but never will). […]

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Author: Nora Hahn on

CSG International Processes 1 Billion Cable Statements Annually, Relying On Managed Disaster Recovery To Ensure Resiliency

Two of the most popular shows on cable television right now, The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul, have very few similarities. One series portrays the battle between zombies and humans in a post-apocalyptic world; the other is the prequel to Breaking Bad and tracks the early career of Jimmy McGill, a small-time lawyer who […]

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