Why Hybrid IT Environments Make A Hot Mess For Disaster Recovery [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Data from Sungard Availability Services shows that 65% of all IT environments are multi-platform (or hybrid). Believe it or not, this makes IT's task of recovering these environments a "hot mess." This infographic gives you 5 actionable steps to take to resolve your own "hot mess." To Share this Infographic On Your Site:Please include attribution to sungardas.com with this graphic. This infographic was first shared on Forbes.com. … Read more

When Backup Screws Up Recovery: Why And What To Do About It

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Ever spend gobs of time and money and effort to achieve a business goal, only to find out that you screwed up something else in the process? Man, I hate that. The problem is, I see companies do it all the time in my job in one specific area: they are focusing on their backup goals and simultaneously trashing their recovery objectives. I’d like to tell you about it so that it doesn’t happen to you. Companies know the importance of backup. That’s a fact. I don’t think there are many, if any, companies out there who would say, “Backup? Nah – waste of time!” In fact, companies are really attuned to the importance of backup and to the problems involved in it. Namely: • Data is growing at a rat … Read more

Why Hybrid IT Makes A Hot Mess Out of IT Disaster Recovery

If recovering your hybrid IT environment gets messy, try turning to an IT expert. They can be the key to your success!

The world doesn’t run on Intel alone. At first glance, it may seem like that, but experience has shown us that things are never as simple as they seem. As an IT availability company managing and hosting services for more than 7,000 customers, we have unique insight into the realities of an IT environment. To prove our point, we recently looked at the requirements of more than 1,800 of our recovery-as-a-service customers to discover just how complex the business IT world is. The results were a “hot mess,” to say the least. While it’s true that nearly 9 out of 10 customers (87 percent) depend on the Intel x86 platform for critical business functions, only about a third of them (35 percent) run … Read more

Using Test/Dev For Disaster Recovery: Like Robbing Peter To Pay Paul

Using Test/Dev for DR? With the plethora of viable alternatives today, there is no reason to continue robbing Peter to pay Paul.

The debate about whether to use Testing and Development infrastructure (Test/Dev) for disaster recovery (DR) is like global warming: for every opinion on one side, there is an opposing opinion on the other. Where companies stand on the matter often depends on what their agenda is. For example, hardware and software vendors write most of the publicly-available white papers, so by default they can't be considered unbiased in most cases. Gartner and other analysts have written fairly good white papers on this subject, but they too, are often influenced by professional relationships and sometimes don’t consider or understand the capabilities of less known (but very reputable) service providers … Read more

The Best IT Blogs: 6-25-14 Weekly Roundup

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Today, for almost every decision we make, from choosing a car to choosing a home, safety and security is always one of the most important considerations. The same goes for businesses navigating the cyber world. This week’s roundup proves that keeping data protected from intruders should be your company’s first priority. Here’s why: The New York Times recently published an article on how hackers are getting smarter by the minute. A new strategy, ransomware, essentially steals your data and holds it hostage until a fee is paid. But ways to fight back (without illegally entering another network) can save your business time and money. Options like using tags to monitor valuable information or im … Read more

Announcing Cloud-Based Recovery for AIX and IBM i-Platforms

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You want to talk about friction? Try rubbing together so-called legacy platforms and applications with the new virtual cloud environment in a cloud-based disaster recovery scenario…you’re sure to see sparks fly! The problem with hybrid IT environments is that the different components have always had wildly different recovery times. Legacy platforms and apps can take 72 hours or more to recover, while virtual environments can be back up and running in a matter of hours – sometimes, even minutes. But because the legacy and the virtual applications are often interdependent, the net result is an unacceptable overall time to true business recovery. In my Product Management role, I have alw … Read more

How To Develop A Personal Disaster Recovery Plan

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For over 20 years, I’ve been involved in enterprise-level IT. I know the processes and procedures that allow companies to be always-on, always-available, and always-able to weather any unforeseen challenges like the back of my hand. Then, in the past year, I faced my own personal disaster. It wasn’t an IT disaster. I didn’t lose all my data or have my laptop stolen. I had a personal disaster: a pending divorce, then the sudden death of my wife in the middle of the proceedings. I realized that I needed – that we all need – a personal disaster recovery plan. The lessons I’d learned in my years as an IT practitioner suddenly became incredibly applicable to real life. Drawing on my experien … Read more

For National Hurricane Preparedness Week, A Disaster Recovery Planning Checklist

National Hurricane Preparedness Week is upon us. Are you ready for the storm?

[EDITOR'S NOTE: National Hurricane Preparedness Week is here once more (May 25-31). Digging through our past blogs, we found this gem by Ron LaPedis on tornado and severe weather preparedness. It still applies to hurricane preparedness, so we thought we'd resurface it in honor of National Hurricane Preparedness Week!] If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, I recommend that you look into building a safe room, which could include a properly designed and equipped storm cellar. What is a safe room? According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), “a safe room is a hardened structure specifically designed to meet the FEMA P-320 criteria and provide ‘near-absolute pr … Read more