The Best IT Blogs: 6-18-14 Weekly Roundup

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June 12th marked the start of the highly anticipated FIFA World Cup and the accompanying sickness we all contract – soccer fever. The month-long tournament is characterized by religiously watching matches, ogling over jaw-dropping athleticism, and having that paint-your-face pride and determined hope that your country reaches the highest honor of the best soccer team in the world. But with this year’s tournament held in Brazil, a country riddled with violence and political unrest, security measures are high. In fact, the host country spent approximately $855 million to keep foreign visitors safe from protests and street crimes. Meanwhile, the private security industry is booming from all th … Read more

7 Cloud Computing Trends To Look For In 2014

cloud computing trends

By Suhas Sreedhar Cloud computing took companies by storm this year, with nearly 60 percent of current small-to-medium businesses using cloud services and 72 percent of them virtualizing significant portions of their servers. 2014 promises even bigger growth as cloud technologies expand on every front from infrastructure and software-as-a-service to customized security and platform independence. Here are seven major cloud computing developments to watch for in the upcoming year. 1. Hybrid Clouds There might finally be an end to the heated debates over public cloud vs. private cloud architecture in enterprise IT. The rise of hybrid clouds – architectures that combine the security of p … Read more

Doppler Radar for Enterprise Cloud Computing? Too Bad There Isn’t Such a Thing.

Too bad there's no Doppler radar for cloud...enterprise cloud computing, that is.

In 1842, an Austrian physicist named Christian Doppler proposed a theory that we know today as the Doppler Effect, or the Doppler Shift. It refers to the difference between the observed frequency and the emitted frequency of a wave for an observer moving relative to the source of the waves. Think of it as the changing sound the siren makes when an emergency vehicle approaches you, then passes you (I hear it in my head as, "Neeeee-owww.") Today, meteorologists use Doppler Radar to examine clouds and other objects in the air as a pulse-Doppler radar beam is swung across the sky. If only IT professionals could have a “Doppler Radar” for predicting the future movements of enterprise cloud com … Read more

How Best to Reap the Benefits of Cloud Computing: Build or Buy?

benefits of cloud computing

The great IT debate about how best to leverage the benefits of cloud computing continues. Is it better to own or rent? The answer is, “it depends” on what you’re evaluating and your specific requirements. Rent to own furniture…I’ll save you the trouble. Don’t do it. With Cloud, businesses like yours need to look at what is the best fit for you – it is economics as well as strategic focus. And if you’re doing your homework right, it’s not a simple process. Not only is it difficult to accurately quantify the true cost of cloud infrastructure from a provider versus building it yourself, you also need to assess your reasons for buying cloud. Most don’t make the move to cloud for anticipate … Read more

A Cloud Computing Introduction (For Those Who’ve Been Living Under a Rock)

cloud computing introduction

For those who've been stranded on a desert island, lost in the Amazon, or with their head in the clouds over the last few years, we have some breaking news: the adoption of cloud computing is rapidly picking up steam. Because cloud computing is kind of a big deal (like, change the face of IT big), we thought we would provide a brief cloud computing introduction. Here are some key points you need to know about cloud computing to help your organization reap its benefits and get you back into the 21st century. A Cloud Computing Introduction: Two versions of cloud to know about There are several varieties of cloud computing services. Depending on your company’s IT needs, you might be able to u … Read more

How to Choose the Right #Cloud Strategy for Your Organization

Cloud Strategy

By: Joseph Pampel, Director, Enterprise Architecture & Cloud Computing, SunGard Availability Services Interest in cloud services is growing rapidly. Companies want to leverage these services to address the needs for increased scalability and flexibility, driven by the demands of the organizations’ business units. One recent survey (among the many that are appearing almost weekly) found that 92 percent of CIOs and IT executives surveyed believe the adoption of cloud technologies is good for business. However, to fully realize the potential benefits of using cloud services, companies need to develop a thorough cloud strategy to ensure the right services are selected, the migration goes s … Read more

#EMCWorld Wrap Up: Video and Slides

Maroon 5 Concert - EMC World 2012

EMC World lived up to our expectations once again this year!  From several product launches, acquisitions announcements and sneak-peek’s into what’s coming later this year and into 2013, there was something exciting around every corner. During the conference, we met with several customers and partners including Enterprise Rent-a-Car, New York Life Insurance, Xerox, Boeing, University of Chicago, and Cisco. One common theme we witnessed during the event was that Big Data is real, it’s here and it’s being commercialized in a variety of different ways. On Wednesday of the conference, our friends at Brocade invited us to participate in a discussion with John Furrier and Dave Vellante of theCube … Read more

New Podcast! #Cloud Chronicle Interview with Rob Walters


Last month, we had the opportunity to participate in an interview with Patrick Pushor of Cloud Chronicle (@CloudChronicle). Cloud Chronicle is focused on evangelizing cloud computing and discussing with vendors how their technology can address critical business needs as we move to this hyper-agile notion of on-demand computing as a utility.  He focuses on standards, open source, data security, and legacy data & infrastructure challenges all in the context of cloud computing. Patrick interviewed Rob Walters (@rob_walters), Vice President of Product Management, SunGard Availability Services. Listen to their discussion below on what makes enterprise needs unique with respect to cloud … Read more