How To Navigate The Minefield Of Cloud-Based Computing

cloud-based computing

The cloud is like the shiny “new” toy of IT – everyone’s talking about it. But there are still a lot of unknowns regarding cloud-based computing, making it a veritable minefield for those looking to get involved. Fortunately, it’s completely possible to march onward through the minefield without blowing up your infrastructure. Knowledge is power, after all. Studies have shown that more and more companies are embracing cloud computing. In fact, according to a study by TheInfoPro published in September, the worldwide cloud computing market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 36% through 2016. Organizations are recognizing the many benefits of cloud-based computing, as evid … Read more

Five Steps To Creating And Maintaining Cloud Security

cloud security

Hot trends have a way of making us re-evaluate our choices, especially if they stick around for a good chunk of time. The cloud is one trend that’s here to stay. With the increased use of mobile devices for business-related purposes, and the fact that more and more organizations are relying on applications and services from around the world, the cloud has become increasingly important. Some might even argue it’s vital for success in today’s world of modern technology. When organizations make use of the cloud, they tap into a range of benefits. Not only can they make data available to a global audience, but they gain additional data capacity without spending money on building out their infra … Read more

CardioComm Solutions Taps a Reliable Cloud to Keep Hearts Healthy

reliable cloud

Four years ago, my dad celebrated his 80th birthday by keeping a secret: his heart was about to give out, but he didn’t know what to do – or how to prepare his family. A child of the depression, his father was a roughneck in the post-Spindletop Texas oil patch, and his mother ran a boarding house to help make ends meet. He was raised to tough it out, keep his chin up and press on without complaining. Two weeks later, he was in the operating room having a quadruple bypass. I never thought he would survive the operation, but after a tense week in the ICU and a few days slowly responding to physical therapy, he came home – frail and weak, but very much on the mend. Our family was ill prepa … Read more

Social Solutions Uses Secure Cloud Computing to Accelerate Public Sector Growth

secure cloud computing

Back at the turn of the century, a small team of social workers in Baltimore, Maryland got together to help at-risk youth in their community. Their work was meaningful, and they felt they were helping their clients have a better life. But like many other human service professionals, they constantly wondered: How do we know if our efforts are making a difference in the lives of the individuals we serve? To answer that question, they formed a small company – Social Solutions – and developed a non-profit software solution that made it possible to correlate their service delivery efforts with the desired outcomes. They called the software "Efforts to Outcomes Software" or ETO Software®. A B … Read more

Be Sure #BYOD Doesn’t Spell Bring Your Own Disaster


By JP Blaho The increased availability of powerful ultrabooks, smartphones, and tablets is blurring work and home life for many users. And most users don’t want to maintain two sets of contacts, calendars, and files, or lug around two devices when one would do. Many companies are adopting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach where workers can use their own devices to access company resources such as email, files, applications, and databases. To put the BYOD movement into perspective, consider that a recent industry study found that 44 percent of firms had a BYOD policy in place in early 2012, and that number increased to 94 percent in 2013. There are several reasons for this r … Read more

Enterprise-level Security at a Small Business Budget

Cloud Security

By JP Blaho As companies embrace the fact that every business is a contender on the Internet, and every company is subject to the same types of vulnerabilities and attacks, they must all realize their network security postures must be advanced and robust.  This means that a company of six employees must have network security protections which mirror those of an organization of 6,000 employees.  As cost-prohibitive as it sounds, there are ways that non-enterprise-level businesses can implement a security strategy that is comprehensive and effective in protecting themselves from attack just as successfully as enterprise customers. One such solution is called Unified Threat Management … Read more

@Cloud_Connect Santa Clara 2012: @SunGardAS Highlights and Happenings

Cloud Connect 2012

The @SunGardAS team had a jam-packed schedule and exciting time at Cloud Connect Santa Clara last week!  In case you missed the conference, here are some highlights from the conference and show floor. Cloud Connect was an especially exciting week for SunGard as we announced our partnership with Amazon Web Services to deliver highly available cloud computing offerings.  The first phase of the relationship will provide SunGard and AWS customers bi-directional disaster recovery services between the companies’ clouds, without transporting data over the public internet. Get AWS announcement details. Holding down the fort at booth 414, our team met with show attendees to discuss today’s hot … Read more

ZL Technologies Transforms Business Model with SunGard Cloud

ZL Technologies Transforms Business Model with SunGard Cloud For the last 12 years, ZL Technologies, Inc. (ZL) has provided large-scale record-management services to top global institutions in the finance industry.  They are specialists in records management, archiving and e-discovery solutions. ZL’s business has a number of unique characteristics.  For example, firms frequently need to search masses of historical emails for specific information for litigation.  Databases quickly grow as institutions generate more electronic data each day and regulations specify how long records are kept.  Regulatory requirements for security and governance are tight, and regular audits of IT-vendor proce … Read more