Hybrids (The Cloud Services Variety) And Network Strategies For CIOs In The Internet Of Everything Era, According to Cisco Executive Rob Lloyd

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As President of Development and Sales at Cisco, Rob Lloyd travels the world talking to customers and industry aficionados these days about the evolving challenges and opportunities brought by the Internet of Everything. That includes looking at current and future network platforms, software, architectures, applications, and strategies. With the number of devices accessing network resources growing dramatically—along with security concerns, operational complexity, costs, and customer expectations—how does an enterprise create the right network strategy for today and tomorrow? Sungard Availability Services spoke with Lloyd to get his insights. The Hybrid Cloud is Hot Lloyd believes that clo … Read more

A Cloud Computing Introduction (For Those Who’ve Been Living Under a Rock)

cloud computing introduction

For those who've been stranded on a desert island, lost in the Amazon, or with their head in the clouds over the last few years, we have some breaking news: the adoption of cloud computing is rapidly picking up steam. Because cloud computing is kind of a big deal (like, change the face of IT big), we thought we would provide a brief cloud computing introduction. Here are some key points you need to know about cloud computing to help your organization reap its benefits and get you back into the 21st century. A Cloud Computing Introduction: Two versions of cloud to know about There are several varieties of cloud computing services. Depending on your company’s IT needs, you might be able to u … Read more

#BigData in the #Cloud: Get Our Perspective at VMware @vCloud #CloudTalk, Tues. April 10th


Meet us on Twitter, next Tuesday, April 10th at 11am PT/ 2pm ET for #CloudTalk hosted by VMware vCloud, to hear our perspective on how we see big data evolving in the cloud this year. Also, get insight into our new fully managed enterprise-grade, Apache™ Hadoop™-based data analytics platform, now in technical preview, announced April 4th. The SunGard Unified Analytics ServicesSM (UAS) will address the growing business requirement organizations face to extract more business intelligence and value from their massive volumes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured resources that continue to grow exponentially. The service will allow organizations to eliminate costs needed to purchase an … Read more

Understanding the Impact of Multi-Tenancy Design Concepts

Understanding the Impact of Multi-Tenancy Design Concepts Today we hear from Chip Childers, product architect for SunGard’s Enterprise Cloud Services and partners with our product management and product engineering teams to drive the overall solution design of the service...CM As you evaluate different cloud providers, it is important to understand the different concepts providers can use to deploy multi-tenancy.  Different concepts facilitate—or limit—the way in which a provider can respond to changes in the service needs of clients. General Purpose Clouds For example, some vendors design their clouds as commodities.  They focus on providing low cost access to computing power in  homoge … Read more

What’s in a Private Cloud?

Today we hear from Gregory Smith, Senior Product Architect, Cloud Computing Many companies have a virtualized infrastructure, but in reality, a virtualized data center is not the same as a private cloud. Most virtualized data centers lack the automation and processes to manage them as private clouds. In the ‘90s when Fortune 500 companies implemented VMware’s virtual infrastructures, their equipment became more efficient and cost-effective, but because most companies kept the same practices, policies, procedures and methods in place, IT’s ability to respond to user needs did not change much.  For example, provisioning did not get simplified or faster. For most it still involves a string of … Read more

What distinguishes an Enterprise Cloud from other clouds?

Today we hear from Nik Weidenbacher, Product Engineering at SunGardAS  - Carl M. Most people have a general understanding of public and private clouds and the differences between the two offerings.  When talking about Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), typically a private cloud is in a company's data center while a public cloud is operated by a provider and shared by multiple companies.  That is a good start, but neither definition explains what an Enterprise Cloud is. An Enterprise Cloud offers a virtualized, multi-tenant infrastructure that can provide many of the same benefits as running a private cloud for your company, without requiring the same up-front investment.  Unlike most publ … Read more