5 Ways Cloud Computing Benefits Your Business

cloud computing benefits

Read any online or printed business publication and the ads alone suggest that there is no end to what the cloud can do. As such, it should not come as any surprise that cloud computing is growing rapidly in popularity. Consider the following stats from two IDC forecasts: public cloud computing will experience a 23.5% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR), while hosted private cloud will have a CAGR of approximately 50%. It’s no longer a matter of whether companies will migrate to the cloud, but what their cloud posture will look like, how will it be governed, what security and compliance measures are needed, and which cloud service providers should be used to support all of the above? The m … Read more

8 Factors To Consider In Cloud Computing Capacity Planning

cloud computing capacity planning

Sometimes, people have their head in the clouds when it comes to the cloud. Specifically, they get so excited about the benefits of cloud computing, that they forget to do cloud computing capacity planning. For example, they know cloud computing can provide faster time to market, chargeback ability, and the capability to spin up and spin down virtual machines (VMs) to meet fluctuating requirements. That the cloud is an infinitely-scalable environment, bursting with potential. You can practically see dollar signs floating in their eyes as they consider the return on investment (ROI) the cloud can bring. True? Sort of. You see, speed, scalability, and virtualization do not – in and of t … Read more

ESG Webinar: When Does Cloud Computing Make Sense?

cloud computing

The reach of cloud computing seems to be ever expanding – in fact, 6% of current IT budgets are typically spent on the cloud, and that number is expected to grow to 10% or more over the next 36 months. For those businesses that have been hesitant to adopt cloud computing, it can be overwhelming to learn all there is to know about moving to the cloud, as well as to choose a cloud provider. That’s why SunGard Availability Services, in collaboration with The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), produced a helpful webinar featuring ESG senior analyst Wayne Pauley. In the webinar, Pauley discusses how business transformations in the last several years have changed IT and how cloud computing add … Read more

6 Ways The Wrong Cloud Service Provider Can Cost You

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In theory, moving to the cloud is supposed to bring you cost efficiencies and improve your business flexibility. In reality, your actual results will depend on how well your cloud service provider runs its behind-the-scenes operations. In particular, you absolutely positively need a provider that delivers enterprise-class availability, uptime, and security. If you don’t do your homework and make sure your provider can keep its systems up and running and sure, your move to the cloud could cost your business far more than you bargained for. Here are six ways the wrong cloud service provider can cost you big time in the long run. 1. Cost of downtime Your business needs to run 24/7. When … Read more

How Best to Reap the Benefits of Cloud Computing: Build or Buy?

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The great IT debate about how best to leverage the benefits of cloud computing continues. Is it better to own or rent? The answer is, “it depends” on what you’re evaluating and your specific requirements. Rent to own furniture…I’ll save you the trouble. Don’t do it. With Cloud, businesses like yours need to look at what is the best fit for you – it is economics as well as strategic focus. And if you’re doing your homework right, it’s not a simple process. Not only is it difficult to accurately quantify the true cost of cloud infrastructure from a provider versus building it yourself, you also need to assess your reasons for buying cloud. Most don’t make the move to cloud for anticipate … Read more

The Advantages of Cloud Computing: Blah, Blah, Blah

advantages of cloud computing

By Janel Ryan Cloud is not that new If you’re like me and have been in the industry for some time (more than some would admit to), then you know cloud really isn’t that new. In the 90s, it was called “Utility Computing” and the topic du jour was your hypervisor and how you maximized operational efficiency and pay as you go….don't these sound familiar as the often-touted advantages of cloud computing? Advantages of cloud computing are well understood The challenge today is not the understanding the advantages of cloud itself. We get that already, it’s the best thing since the iPhone (sorry, Steve), yada yada yada, blah blah blah. Your business challenge is still the same as it was in the … Read more

#BigData in the #Cloud: Get Our Perspective at VMware @vCloud #CloudTalk, Tues. April 10th


Meet us on Twitter, next Tuesday, April 10th at 11am PT/ 2pm ET for #CloudTalk hosted by VMware vCloud, to hear our perspective on how we see big data evolving in the cloud this year. Also, get insight into our new fully managed enterprise-grade, Apache™ Hadoop™-based data analytics platform, now in technical preview, announced April 4th. The SunGard Unified Analytics ServicesSM (UAS) will address the growing business requirement organizations face to extract more business intelligence and value from their massive volumes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured resources that continue to grow exponentially. The service will allow organizations to eliminate costs needed to purchase an … Read more

Scalability Requires People and Services, Not Just Technology

Scalability is one of the most attractive features of the cloud.  It lets you meet demand-based business requirements, whether those demands are the results of ads, business growth, seasonal activity or economic cycles. However, scalability is more than just provisioning more technology and/or increasing a data center footprint.  Scaling horizontally to add hardware is the easy part.  Data centers have been doing it for years, first as managed service offerings and now as enterprise caliber cloud offerings.  However, the ability to scale vertically is one of the most attractive features of an Enterprise Cloud.  As your business grows, it also becomes more complex, and an Enterprise Cloud of … Read more