A Shopping List For Cloud Recovery Services

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Why look at a cloud services provider for backup and recovery? Simple: it’s highly complex and very expensive to handle cloud recovery in-house. As businesses evolve and change, backup and recovery solutions have to evolve and change, too, to ensure smooth business continuity in case of disaster. Managing backup and recovery can swiftly become a full-time job that most companies aren’t prepared to fund. This is why outsourcing backup and recovery – using a service provider with deep expertise and up-to-date knowledge of these solutions – makes good business sense. Cloud providers who handle both physical and virtual networks, computing, and storage environments are an ideal choice. The … Read more

Why Cloud Recovery Services Might Make Smart Business Sense [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Remember when you were little and your parents marked your growth with a pencil on your door frame? We thought it was time to do the same for cloud recovery services now that the market is maturing. Find out what Sungard Availability Services and EMC learned in a new industry survey. … Read more

Announcing Cloud-Based Recovery for AIX and IBM i-Platforms

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You want to talk about friction? Try rubbing together so-called legacy platforms and applications with the new virtual cloud environment in a cloud-based disaster recovery scenario…you’re sure to see sparks fly! The problem with hybrid IT environments is that the different components have always had wildly different recovery times. Legacy platforms and apps can take 72 hours or more to recover, while virtual environments can be back up and running in a matter of hours – sometimes, even minutes. But because the legacy and the virtual applications are often interdependent, the net result is an unacceptable overall time to true business recovery. In my Product Management role, I have alw … Read more

Big Data and Cloud Storage…and Why Companies Are Like Cars, Not People

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In my latest issue of Motor Trend Magazine, I read an article that references a statistic from Talksum stating that “today’s car generates approximately 15 gigabytes of information per hour.” That got me thinking about how very similar automobiles are to companies…as in, both generate significant amounts of data. And then THAT got me thinking about big data and backing up big data, and then THAT got me thinking about cloud storage and cloud recovery. Most of this information never leaves the computers and hard drives within the vehicle (just like in a corporation). Although this is changing, the majority of this data is stored for a short amount of time – like when an indicator light comes … Read more

Cementos Progreso Builds Business Stability With Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

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Last week, we wrote about how SaaS company MetaFarms leverages the cloud for disaster recovery, freeing them to focus on what they do best, which is help pork and poultry producers create efficiencies in their operations. This week, we feature Cementos Progreso, the largest producer and distributor of cement and other construction materials in Guatemala. Guatemala is in a region of the world where turbulent weather conditions are commonplace, and the risk of natural disasters is high. Add to that the fact that Guatemala lies in a fault zone and you’ll see why this small country experiences more than its fair share of earthquakes and volcanic activity. Cement-based concrete has long been a … Read more

MetaFarms Grows IT Success with SunGard Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions

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Every year around this time, I travel the back roads of the Texas hill country to a small town where my family spends a few days unwinding in a quiet atmosphere. As we pass farm after farm, I can’t help but think everything looks like a window into the past. Rows of corn, cotton, sorghum and alfalfa are presented in the same even patterns that stretch to the horizon. Acres of ranchland host livestock where they have grazed for hundreds of years. At first glance, it looks as if time has stood still in these bucolic surroundings. You’d never guess that behind each seedling and animal is a wealth of technology and terabytes of data monitoring every stage of growth. It’s the criticality of these … Read more

It’s Not Just About the Best Backup Solution for Remy Cointreau…it’s About Protecting Their Premium Brand

Alexandre Page-Relo

Remy Cointreau makes premium cognacs, rums, and liqeurs and has for many years. But they would not be a $1.1 billion euro company without a successful sales force, and that sales force relies on the IT team led by CIO Alexandre Page-Relo. As Page-Relo puts it, “Any downtime is an order that’s not pushed into the system, an order that can be fulfilled by the competition.” That’s why Page-Relo looked to change up his disaster recovery strategy – because “a premium company like Remy Cointreau should have premium tools to sustain the growth that we’re experiencing.” In the past, his best backup solution was to back up data onto tapes, and then ship those tapes offsite. “In the event of a catast … Read more

Cloud Disaster Recovery = More IT Staff Time to Focus on Your Business

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Let’s face it. We are always online in one form or another. If I am not watching television, checking mail, or using one of the 44 apps I have on my smartphone, then I am probably sleeping. Because of these use patterns, the demands on application availability are on the rise, and data is exploding. So let’s think about these two forces and how they impact disaster recovery (DR) planning for your businesses. These forces increase the DR workload for IT staff. As a result, your IT staff may be spending more time on DR instead of supporting strategic and revenue-generating projects. In other words, IT is only helping to maintain the business, not grow the business. Cloud disaster recovery m … Read more