Big Data Or Big Brother?

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BIG DATA ... It's the collection of bits and bytes that are stored in the cloud and on our computers, tablets, and smartphones. BIG DATA … Retailers, advertisers, doctors, scientists, governments, service providers, and employers use it to analyze who we “are” and to glean actionable (useful) information, which they can use to help us… or maybe to hurt us. BIG DATA … Pretty soon, the word “big” won’t be big enough. With the advent of “The Internet of Things” the sources of data are spreading well beyond our computing devices – new information is being fed into the cloud from your toaster, your fridge, your TV, your wrist watch, your gaming platforms, and even your toilet! (Are you kidding … Read more

New Survey Reveals The Top Issue CIOs Overlook In The IT Industry (The Answer May Surprise You)

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If you ask a CIO what is keeping him or her up at night, you will probably hear things like cyber security, cloud migrations, and shadow IT. Talent acquisition would likely not make even the top 10. And that may be a problem, because perhaps it should be causing some CIO insomnia. In fact, according to a recent survey commissioned by Sungard Availability Services*, 50% of the 276 respondents said they believe talent acquisition is overlooked in the IT industry. There are several reasons why CIOs might not be giving appropriate priority to talent acquisition. First, they might figure that bringing in new talent is simple and straightforward: “What’s the beef? If we need someone, we’ll hire s … Read more

Which Vendor Type Do Professionals In The IT Industry Consider Most Undervalued?

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Disaster recovery (DR) has always been the red-headed stepchild of the IT industry. It’s the last to get funding and the first to lose it in the budgeting cycle. It is the most poorly staffed, yet it can have a huge impact on an organization. A recent survey of 276 IT professionals, commissioned by Sungard Availability Services*, captured this truth precisely: 42% of respondents stated that disaster recovery testing should be the last thing to receive budget cuts, yet when asked which type of vendor was most undervalued by their organizations, DR vendors were the #1 response. This, despite the fact that companies spend an average of $686,000 per hour when experiencing downtime. Why is there … Read more

If The IT Industry Gave Out Academy Awards, What Would Be The Categories?

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Ah, yes, the Oscars. The drama, the exhilaration, the disappointment, the fashion statements! All of it wrapped up in a single adrenaline-filled evening. But what if the IT industry gave out Academy Awards? What would the categories be? Add some spice to your day by considering whom you would nominate for each of the following Oscars (we’ve included some “spoof” categories, as well) … and which awards you might be nominated for! Roll out the red carpet and let the excitement begin! Best CIO He or she is a tech savant and a leader extraordinaire. Forget “keeping the lights on” – the Best CIO pioneers new ways to make the business successful, keeping in touch with every department and every e … Read more

Not Ready For Six Sigma? Try These 3 Steps First For Successful Business Transformation

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Six Sigma may seem excessive, yet you know you need to determine a new business transformation process to meet the demands of a digital marketplace and better respond to the the rapidly changing needs of customers today Before you dive in, consider a simple analogy. Have you ever opened up the package of a seemingly “easy to assemble” new toy for your child, and think to yourself, “This seems pretty easy. I see the picture on the box and there aren’t too many pieces. I don’t need the instructions.” However, when you get halfway through it, you realize that while you’ve been putting things in the right places, you’ve done so out of sequence. You have to disassemble the toy and start over, … Read more

Why There Are More Than 50 Shades Of Grey In Cloud Computing Services

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Thought you were going to read about erotica in the cloud? Sorry to disappoint! But there are indeed 50 shades of grey and more when it comes to selecting cloud computing services. So if you are thinking about migrating to the cloud or if you want to improve your ROI in the cloud, here are the shades of “grey” you’ll need to be defining: Shades of Grey in Business Objectives – Identifying Why You Are Moving Into The Cloud There are as many business objectives for the cloud as there are shades of grey, such as capex to opex budgeting, flexibility, agility, high availability, etc. Why do you want to move to the cloud? Saying that your o … Read more

How Frederick’s Of Hollywood Used Migration To The Cloud To Spice “IT” Up

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When Frederick Mellinger founded Frederick's of Hollywood in 1946, he believed that incredible lingerie could make a woman feel beautiful from the inside out. Little did he know that a legend was born. Founded in Hollywood and based there today, Frederick’s of Hollywood is a multi-channel brand with 96 stores across the U.S., as well as a digital flagship, In 2011, Frederick’s of Hollywood decided to migrate to the cloud to enhance the scalability, resiliency, and flexibility of its IT infrastructure while elevating the ability to address company-wide business objectives. The company was facing a myriad of challenges: a shifting retail landscape a change in their bus … Read more

Who’s At Fault For “Shadow IT?” The Answer Is…IT.

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Whether you realize it or not, many companies contain workstations with software that is not approved by the information technology (IT) department; instead, it has been adopted and installed by individuals or even, in some cases, entire departments. We call this use of unapproved applications or third party cloud services "Shadow IT" due to its clandestine or covert status. More often than not, these activities are not malicious in nature: they are merely a means of maintaining productivity when IT response times to support requests are sadly lacking. One key – and often overlooked – aspect of shadow IT is found in development environments where some users/developers are using public clo … Read more