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Why Security Issues In Cloud Computing Are No Longer An Oxymoron

Cloud and security have long been two words that didn’t fit together in the tech world. In fact, for years, when mentioning “cloud security” to IT professionals, they’d snicker or laugh, reminding you that there was “no such thing as security issues in cloud computing.” They aren’t laughing now. Although it isn’t foolproof – no security […]

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Author: Nora Hahn on

CISCO LIVE 2015: Channeling The Transformers To Build Your Cloud

Thirty years ago, the Transformers toy brand came into being when a Japanese toy company, Takara Tomy, sold its hybrid half-robot, half-alien toy line to Hasbro. A gagillion toys and four feature films later, Transformers still continue to sell extremely well throughout the world. The idea behind Transformers is that an individual toy’s components can […]

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A Discussion About Cloud Applications In The Workplace

In February, a cloud portfolio management company called RightScale released its 2015 State of the Cloud Survey. The survey found, for example, that nearly all businesses are using some sort of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) application, and that more companies are using the public cloud over private clouds. It also shows that companies are more willing than […]

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