Do You Need a Lotus or a Lada in the Cloud?

Choose your cloud computing companies the way you would choose your cars... purposefully.

When it comes to cars, I can’t imagine why anyone would pay serious bucks for a Lotus when a Lada has the same four tires and 1600 cc engine … in fact, the Lada seats four instead of two, so it has more value than a Lotus right there. Okay, I’ll stop now, before all the car aficionados out there have heart attacks. Obviously, there is a world of difference between a Lotus (which is one of the hottest vehicles on the road and “corners like it’s on rails”) and a Lada (which has the visual appearance and driving appeal of a cardboard box) that more than justifies the price differential. If someone says “they must be the same because they both have four tires and a 1600 cc engine,” it simply … Read more

STOP! Before You Embark On A Physical To Virtual (P2V) Migration, Read This

Performing a physical to virtual (P2V) migration seems easy on the surface, but make sure it serves the business by going through these 6 steps first.

Converting physical servers to virtual machines can bring significant benefits to a business, such as savings on time, resources, complexity, and money. And it’s so easy! The hypervisor wizards take care of the whole thing. That’s all true. But before rushing headlong into the conversion process, STOP. You see, converting physical servers to virtual machines is only one small step in a successful physical to virtual (P2V) migration. Planning and effort – both before and after the actual conversion – are required to ensure that a P2V migration delivers the desired benefits. Here’s a brief overview of what needs to happen; for the full story and details, download 6 Steps to Successfully Con … Read more

8 Factors To Consider In Cloud Computing Capacity Planning

cloud computing capacity planning

Sometimes, people have their head in the clouds when it comes to the cloud. Specifically, they get so excited about the benefits of cloud computing, that they forget to do cloud computing capacity planning. For example, they know cloud computing can provide faster time to market, chargeback ability, and the capability to spin up and spin down virtual machines (VMs) to meet fluctuating requirements. That the cloud is an infinitely-scalable environment, bursting with potential. You can practically see dollar signs floating in their eyes as they consider the return on investment (ROI) the cloud can bring. True? Sort of. You see, speed, scalability, and virtualization do not – in and of t … Read more

From Gartner Data Center 2013: How One Global Company Transformed Its Data Center Strategy – and Saw Measurable Change

data center

Approximately half of all organizations plan to adopt the public cloud in the next two years for all or most of their compute requirements, according to speakers at a breakout session during the recent Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas from December 2-5, 2013. But a few years ago, moving all mission-critical applications to the cloud was not so common and in fact seemed quite risky. Still, Rajeev Ankireddypalli, the head of information technology at Advanced Energy – a Colorado-based global leader in reliable power conversion solutions – doesn’t regret taking the plunge. In fact, he claims the data center transformation and move to cloud has resulted in a measurable increase in … Read more

ESG Webinar: When Does Cloud Computing Make Sense?

cloud computing

The reach of cloud computing seems to be ever expanding – in fact, 6% of current IT budgets are typically spent on the cloud, and that number is expected to grow to 10% or more over the next 36 months. For those businesses that have been hesitant to adopt cloud computing, it can be overwhelming to learn all there is to know about moving to the cloud, as well as to choose a cloud provider. That’s why SunGard Availability Services, in collaboration with The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), produced a helpful webinar featuring ESG senior analyst Wayne Pauley. In the webinar, Pauley discusses how business transformations in the last several years have changed IT and how cloud computing add … Read more

How Delta Diversified Took Electrical Contracting To The Cloud

the cloud

If you think an unplanned event could affect your business – a tornado, a break-in, a fire – just think how it could impact a major electrical contractor responsible for thousands of clients in four of the largest states in the western U.S. Delta Diversified, a top 50 electrical contractor based in Tempe, Arizona, has been serving commercial businesses and general contractors for over 40 years. Although the traditional electrical service of installation and repair is fairly unchanged, technology is no stranger to the electrical contracting business. Delta Diversified wanted to be sure it was current with its own IT infrastructure, and the opportunity arose to work with an availability sp … Read more

Is Your Business Ready For Enterprise Cloud Migration?

Enterprise Cloud Migration Slideshare Screenshot

While the popularity of the cloud is constantly building, it can still be difficult for an organization to know if it’s ready for enterprise cloud migration – and if so, which applications to bring over. That’s why we at SunGard AS have developed a presentation tool to help businesses like yours ask the right questions. Is Your Business Ready for Enterprise Cloud Migration? from SunGard Availability Services Not only can these questions help you understand the top reasons for migrating your applications to the cloud – such as reduced costs, simplified operations, and a boost in application reliability – but it also provides detailed questions that can help you determine if your b … Read more

7 Cloud Computing Trends To Look For In 2014

cloud computing trends

By Suhas Sreedhar Cloud computing took companies by storm this year, with nearly 60 percent of current small-to-medium businesses using cloud services and 72 percent of them virtualizing significant portions of their servers. 2014 promises even bigger growth as cloud technologies expand on every front from infrastructure and software-as-a-service to customized security and platform independence. Here are seven major cloud computing developments to watch for in the upcoming year. 1. Hybrid Clouds There might finally be an end to the heated debates over public cloud vs. private cloud architecture in enterprise IT. The rise of hybrid clouds – architectures that combine the security of p … Read more