As Good As IT Gets 6.11.14: The Best IT- Cloud Computing – Security Blogs This Week

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You can thank us later for reminding you – but, don’t forget Father’s Day this coming Sunday. If you are anything like me, you are scrambling to find something - anything but a tie - that will demonstrate your affection for your Dad in a way befitting his manliness. And, if you are anything like me, you are stuck. Thank goodness there are people out there who knew we would be in this predicament. PC Mag and both have some cool ideas for Father’s Day gifts. Check out these links if you need some inspiration: • 10 Father's Day Gifts to Help Dad Feel Young and Cool • Top Tech Father's Day Gift Ideas After a quick review of the gadgets on these lists, I wouldn’t blame any fathers ou … Read more

Pick Your Public Cloud Providers Like You Would Pick Your Hotel

When looking for a public cloud provider, consider what you really need: do you need the Ritz, or will a Motel 6 do just fine?

By Sarah Chapman and Len Whitten We have a news flash for you: there is no such thing as “the public cloud.” There are public clouds … lots of them. Each one is separate and distinct from all the others and has its own set of nuances. That is why it is insufficient for a company to decide to move some or all of their data and applications to just any “public cloud.” The question that has to be asked and answered is “Which public cloud is right for me?” To help visualize the distinctive nature of the various public clouds, imagine that you are going on a vacation. You need to rent lodging for your trip. All your options have certain things in common: you will only pay for the time you are … Read more

How To Improve Your Business Continuity Planning Strategy

Want to improve your business continuity planning strategy? Use planning software.

The IT world is constantly changing. Despite the fact that many companies have business continuity plans in place, the majority of them are not accessible or usable should a disaster occur. In fact, a recent survey we conducted showed that three-quarters of “compliant” business continuity plans are never used as-is during testing or disasters. Clearly, business continuity planning needs a little help. It’s difficult to craft a detailed plan for several reasons, including inadequate funding, the fact that plan information isn’t realistic, and insufficient skilled staff. Furthermore, it can be hard to prove that being prepared will pay off in the long run. In addition, teams are out of sync – … Read more

BC Champions Blog Series: How To Move From Risk Ignorance To Risk Intelligence

How do businesses move from risk ignorance to risk intelligence in an increasingly fast-paced world?

By Larry Chase, Senior Director, Symantec Corporation's Enterprise Resiliency Organization Businesses routinely struggle in the risk management space to highlight and proactively address operational and hazardous risks in the same real-time manner as their counterparts in the financial and strategic forums. Yet the real-time risk intelligence is out there – readily available and free on the Internet, including social media, Google Earth, countless 24-hour news sites, and weather and sports feeds. The upside is that you can easily set yourself up to receive a veritable tsunami of alerts and emails to every single device you have which is connected to a cable or wireless network. The d … Read more

As Good As IT Gets 6.4.14: The Best IT- Cloud Computing – Security Blogs This Week

IT blogs

Not long after we celebrated the start of summer with barbecues and pool parties, we are already preparing for hurricane season. Last week, May 25-31, was National Hurricane Preparedness Week. According to the National Weather Service, “History teaches that a lack of hurricane awareness and preparation are common threads among all major hurricane disasters. By knowing your vulnerability and what actions you should take, you can reduce the effects of a hurricane disaster.” Please check out these two links for more on hurricane preparedness to help you protect yourself, your loved ones, and the things you cherish. • National Hurricane Preparedness Week: Ready For The Storm • NOAA Hurric … Read more

For National Hurricane Preparedness Week, A Disaster Recovery Planning Checklist

National Hurricane Preparedness Week is upon us. Are you ready for the storm?

[EDITOR'S NOTE: National Hurricane Preparedness Week is here once more (May 25-31). Digging through our past blogs, we found this gem by Ron LaPedis on tornado and severe weather preparedness. It still applies to hurricane preparedness, so we thought we'd resurface it in honor of National Hurricane Preparedness Week!] If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, I recommend that you look into building a safe room, which could include a properly designed and equipped storm cellar. What is a safe room? According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), “a safe room is a hardened structure specifically designed to meet the FEMA P-320 criteria and provide ‘near-absolute pr … Read more

As Good As IT Gets 5.28.14: The Best IT- Cloud Computing – Security Blogs This Week

IT blogs

Summer is officially here. It’s after Memorial Day, and many of us enjoyed a day off on Monday to celebrate the holiday. In case you were too busy with all the social activities that surround Memorial Day, and a long weekend, here’s a recap of the Memorial Day News around the web. For starters, let’s make sure you are not confusing Memorial Day with Veteran’s Day – one is for the soldiers who were killed in service, and the other (Veteran’s Day) is for Soldiers who are still alive/serving. • Why Memorial Day is confused with Veterans Day Now that we have the basics covered, a piece in IT Business Edge discussed the contributions of the military toward the development and implementation of … Read more

The Art Of: Cooking, Baking, And IT Recovery Environments

Cooking may be an art, but baking is more of an exact science... better left to the experts. (Much like IT Recovery!)

I love to cook. It is probably due to the fact that I grew up with a very large Italian family. Sundays would mean a visit to my grandmother’s place where we, as kids, were allowed to mix the recipe to make meatballs, stir the pot of sauce (not gravy), and maybe wind the crank of the pasta maker as someone older fed the dough through the machine. When special occasions were about to occur there would be baking involved, too: nut rolls, filled pizzelles, and thumbprint cookies come to mind. As children, however, we were allowed to watch but not bake. At most, we could lick the batter and icing off the spatulas before they were washed. They were fun times. Not only did I learn how to … Read more