The Best IT Blogs Of The Week: 11-12-14

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When it comes to college, there’s a lot of uncertainty. “Will my child make friends? Will they like their school and their studies?” These are some of the questions we ask ourselves. But one we don’t often think about is this: “Will someone steal my son or daughter’s information?” It’s more common than you think. Don’t let a breach on college campuses take advantage of your child’s information – make sure you and your child are aware of the issues at hand. For that reason, Sue Poremba is detailing five cyber threats that YOU should know before your child goes off to college. These include awareness of malware, password problems, and BYOD, among others. And while we’re on the topic of warni … Read more

The Best IT Blogs Of The Week: 11-7-14

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Our kids are everything to us, but sometimes it can be difficult to give your son or daughter “the talk.” Your child can become confused easily if words are not easy to understand. Of course, we’re referring to the dreaded business continuity disaster recovery talk. How do you explain to a child what a BC/DR firm does? Divya Rathi took a few pointers from her boss, and it sums up to one important analogy: BC/DR specialists are like doctors for companies. They perform check ups to make sure companies are functioning and healthy, they provide wellness plans tailored to companies to avoid disease and illness, and when an emergency arises, they help companies survive and get back on track! One e … Read more

The Best IT Blogs Of The Week: 10-08-14

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As the fall season descends upon us, I like to witness the drastic changes that take place within the first weeks of October: boots and sweaters, pumpkin-flavored everything, even new yard decorations in preparation for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Everything suddenly transforms from pinks and greens and summer fun to warm colors and the comforts of cooler weather. It would be nice if the IT world operated like the seasons, where all these changes were expected and prepared for. But alas, sometimes disaster strikes without warning! Let’s kick off our roundup with some examples. Latest Victim: JPMorgan Another week, another breach. This time JPMorgan Chase is admitting it took a HUGE hit t … Read more

The Best IT Blogs Of The Week: 10-02-14

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As we’ve all experienced, life doesn’t go according to plan. It happens both in business and our personal lives all the time, and there’s no stopping it! This week, we’re taking a look at some technology news that definitely did not go along to plan. Let’s kick things off with Apple. Apple on the Fritz Hey iPhone 6 users: you may want to give your phone a little flex action. Since the recent release of iPhone 6, complaints have been pouring in over the phones being able to bend. While the iPhones are still operational, the bend is likely due to its large size and aluminum frame. In response, Apple will replace the new gadget following an inspection of the faulty phone at a local Genius Bar. … Read more

Wild Cowboy Stories From The IT Frontier

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For many years, I wore cowboy boots to work. It seemed appropriate … after all, as a senior architect, I often have to “herd” clients to help them develop solutions around availability of their most critical business systems and processes. In the process, I often tell a few tales around the IT campfire from the frontier of days past. The stories demonstrate to my clients that this is, in fact, not my first rodeo. Note: places, names, and timelines have been changed to protect the innocent (and the guilty). “As a cowboy, you are only as good as your last round up.” Early in my career, I had a client with the on-site system administrator who was responsible for fileserver backups for the cor … Read more

Information Security Exposure: Is Your Company’s Information Running Around Naked?

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By Matthew Goche and John Beattie You’ve probably had this dream: you’re in a public setting and as you look down, you realize that you are (gasp!) stark naked! Not good. Fortunately, it is just a dream. But here’s a real-life question for you: is your company’s information running around naked? In other (more technical) words, what is your information security exposure? Are you “covered”? Or can people see things you would rather that they not see? One of the key problem zones for information security exposure is where companies intersect with their vendors. Do we need to remind you of Target? Probably not! So what do you do to make sure your data is decently clothed? How to make sure … Read more

The Best IT Blogs Of The Week: 9-17-14

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As we all know, the workplace is transforming right in front of our eyes. Changing work environments and technology are giving us more freedom in ways unimaginable twenty years ago. But that’s not all: as older employees remain in the workforce while younger prospects enter the professional world, there’s a whole combination of generations and skills at the table. Need an example? Let’s get to it. New Trends In a piece by Natalie Burg, she observes that senior employees are a powerful bunch in business, and they’re here to stay. Senior employees tend to have more experience in leadership, dedication, and have better communication skills than today’s cyber youth. But what’s important lies in … Read more

What Do Information Security Consultants REALLY Do?

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With all of the data breaches in the news lately, you might be thinking of calling in an information security consultant to help improve your network’s protection. That’s a good idea, and a good step to protect your company data. But consultants are not created equal. They have different areas of expertise and levels of expertise as well as different levels of commitment to your business. Before you spend a lot of money on an information security consultant, you want to make sure you know your security goals and priorities. The following questions can help you determine your needs and ultimately choose the right consultant: • Do you have the staff and the skills to successfully manage … Read more