Cloud Computing Security Issues: The Vendor

cloud computing security issues

This series examines security in the cloud, showing how companies can mitigate cloud computing security issues and risks. This post specifically addresses vendors. The cloud is not “one-size-fits-all.” Every company must examine their own security requirements, often on an application-by-application basis, to determine which cloud solution is most appropriate to their needs. Once the type of cloud solution has been selected, they must determine how they can mitigate any security risks. It is important to recognize that risk cannot be 100% eliminated. However, it can be significantly reduced to a level that is acceptable for a given business. The most crucial step in reducing risk is ven … Read more

A CISO’s Job Description: What is a Day in the Life of the CISO?

CISO job description

So, you want to take the next step up the security corporate ladder and become a CISO. Or perhaps your company’s decision leaders are re-considering their approach to cyber security and want to create a CISO position. What is a real, down-to-earth CISO job description? What can a CISO expect an average day to look like? The “average” day will depend on several different factors, according to Dan Lohrmann, former CISO for the State of Michigan and current Chief Strategist and Chief Security Officer at Security Mentor. What the CISO’s job description entails will depend on the size and complexity of the organization, as well as the scope of overall duties. “Some government and business … Read more

Don’t Be Fooled By These 5 Reasons Why Disaster Recovery Plans Fail

disaster recovery plan

“IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, PLAN TO FAIL” goes the old adage. In the current age of hyper-connectivity and uber-accessibility, dependence on real-time technology and applications brings an even greater need for technology-centric disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Most organizations understand this, yet despite the increased awareness, IT disaster recovery plans continue to fail when needed most; during a disaster or disruption. Here are five reasons why IT disaster recovery plans fail, and some tips for making sure that your organization does not find itself with an ineffective DR plan. 1. LACK OF “TESTING” A plan is just that without validating its achievability. Continual … Read more

Elevating Business Continuity To The Next Level: Sungard AS Takes Center Stage At DRJ Spring World 2015

Business Continuity

A few more days till the Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) Spring World 2015! I am looking forward to a great conference and, of course, connecting with our clients – both old and new. This year’s conference theme “Elevating Business Continuity to the Next Level” is apt and timely. Our community is pushing us and together we are challenging the status quo and asking the hard questions such as “what if we stopped doing a big-bang BIA?” Or “how does one really do continuity in an environment which undergoes 400 changes a week!” Expect as always to be provoked a bit in the Sungard AS sessions at the event. Agile application deployment and cloud are driving an unprecedented disruption and our wor … Read more

Which Chief Information Officer Responsibilities Keep You Awake At Night?

Chief Information Officer's Responsibilities

One of the biggest health concerns facing Americans today might surprise you. It’s not cancer or heart disease or obesity. It’s sleep deprivation. As a Chief Information Officer (CIO) myself, I can’t say I’m surprised. I’ve had plenty of restless nights. A new TV documentary on the National Geographic Channel called “Sleepless In America” explores the sleep crisis facing our country, pointing out that inadequate rest is not only bad for your physical and mental health, it could even have fatal consequences. Sleeplessness isn’t discriminatory – it affects truck drivers, students, soldiers, new parents, and corporate executives – virtually everyone. There is no doubt that the Chief Informat … Read more

Business Transformation Process Starts With Serious Spring Cleaning

business transformation processes

Ever engage in a serious spring cleaning? Nothing is overlooked! Every closet is opened, every drawer tidied, every crevice vacuumed. When it comes to business transformation processes, have you overlooked the importance of spring cleaning? Many companies underestimate the importance of spring cleaning, failing to take a close look at what is out of order, cluttered, dusty, or dysfunctional within their own house. But if efficiency, productivity, and cost are three primary drivers for your business transformation (as they pretty much always are), then you should take a long, hard look at what you are doing and how you are doing it – and get ready to clean up the problem areas you are i … Read more

Which Vendor Type Do Professionals In The IT Industry Consider Most Undervalued?

IT Vendor, IT Industry

Disaster recovery (DR) has always been the red-headed stepchild of the IT industry. It’s the last to get funding and the first to lose it in the budgeting cycle. It is the most poorly staffed, yet it can have a huge impact on an organization. A recent survey of 276 IT professionals, commissioned by Sungard Availability Services*, captured this truth precisely: 42% of respondents stated that disaster recovery testing should be the last thing to receive budget cuts, yet when asked which type of vendor was most undervalued by their organizations, DR vendors were the #1 response. This, despite the fact that companies spend an average of $686,000 per hour when experiencing downtime. Why is there … Read more

50 Questions You Must Ask Before Engaging In Cloud Computing Services

cloud computing services

If you are selecting cloud computing services or if you want to improve your ROI in the cloud, here are 50 questions you’ll want to ask! Business Objectives – Identifying Why You Are Moving Into The Cloud There are as many business objectives for the cloud as there are shades of any color, such as capex to opex budgeting, flexibility, agility, high availability, etc. Why do you want to move to the cloud? Saying that your objectives are important isn’t enough. How important are these outcomes to the success of your business? Are they all equally important, or can you rank them? The real test of importance i … Read more