Author: Carmen Sorice on

The Sungard AS Channel Program Goes Global

A few years ago, Harvard Business Review reported that some companies pondering the idea of “going global” assume it’s a massive project that takes widespread prior planning. They erroneously conclude that globalization is something only the biggest and most successful corporations can pull off – a logical  conclusion, considering how difficult it is to build […]

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Author: Thuy Ledinh on

Gain An Edge Through IT Transformation [Special Event – Chicago]

Register Today! If your business runs operations out of the Chicago area, you know how competitive the environment is. Pharmaceutical organizations, energy companies, manufacturing facilities, and businesses of every kind are vying for space, for customers, for brand recognition, and for revenue. If you want to compete – and succeed – IT transformation is essential. […]

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Author: Wade Alt on

Get Ready For The Shape Of IT In 2016: 5 Trends To Help Drive Strategic Change

Digital transformation is sending shockwaves through the business world today and, as a result, enterprise IT is in a state of upheaval. The roles and responsibilities of IT staff and business users alike are undergoing a dynamic change: operational processes are being modified and often entirely restructured; supply chains are now more complicated with the […]

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