During the holidays, I like sitting in the living room with my feet up, inhaling the luscious smells of the turkey, the stuffing, and the sweet potato casserole while they cook. You’ll notice that – as a less-than-gourmet cook – I’m hoping not to be in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, the demands of the big holiday dinner usually mean I get pressed into service. Peeling potatoes, stirring gravy, and measuring spices I can handle (usually). Managing the whole shindig? No way – I could never do it!

But as an IT professional, you know that sometimes you are called on to do the impossible: an impossible scale-up on an impossible timeframe with impossibly limited resources. Rather like being called on to do the whole holiday dinner single-handed, as in this hilarious video!

Fortunately, as our non-culinary hero in the video proves, IT professionals are never in over their heads as long as they know who to call!

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