By: Chip Childers, Principal Engineer, SunGard Availability Services

In May 2012, at the Citrix Synergy 2012 general session in San Francisco, Indu Kodukula, EVP products and CTO announced SunGard’s support for CloudStack. Specifically, he announced (1) the addition of committers, (2) the decision to build and deliver a production cloud on CloudStack, and (3) the commitment to ship DR process packs as part of CloudStack (You can view a recording of his presentation here – go to time marker 1:16:00).

Why did we do this? In short, we believe that CloudStack is a great foundation for enterprise-grade cloud computing. We love the fact that it’s an Apache project, not just the Apache license; we love the explicit commitment to be compatible with the AWS APIs, we love the tight project and program management and we love the deliberate focus on addressing enterprise use cases. And the fact that CloudStack supports multiple hypervisors (obviously Xen, but also vSphere 4 and 5) is a really big deal.

During the coming year, we plan to partner with Citrix on some exciting projects, so stay tuned!

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