SunGard Meets Las Vegas: Put Your Photography Skills to Work!!

A Picture’s Worth a MacBook Air® or… iPad® 2 Now that we have names for our mascots, Olivia Octopus and Alex Alligator,  we need tour guides to show them around Las Vegas! Take photos with Olivia and/or Alex around Sin City and post them to our Facebook Wall for a chance to win a MacBook Air® or… iPad® 2!  See video for details! Visit SunGard Availability Services Facebook page for official terms and conditions. … Read more

Gartner Cites High Cost of Disaster Recovery Testing as a Critical Obstacle

At June’s Infrastructure Summit, Gartner’s John Morency went on the record about the high cost of recovery testing.  He remarked that most organizations with whom John speaks report averaging $30-40K per test. Some even estimated spending as much as $100K on a single disaster recovery test exercise. That’s an enormous expense under any circumstance. With that type of cost, it’s no wonder than more organizations report putting off recovery test walk-throughs, and incomplete testing at “best effort” levels. Also, when recovery testing is best perceived as being “insurance” against a “smoking hole” style of disaster, then increasing the effort and resources put against it seems hard to justify … Read more

For Recovery, Cloud Platforms Lower Cost and Improve Scalability

Cloud has received much industry attention in the last year. Some believe that cloud is a marketing fad. But others recognize that virtualization technologies when implemented as a cloud make fundamental changes in how applications can be designed, managed, maintained – and, most interestingly in terms of the Recovery Services line of business at SunGard, cloud also changes how applications can be recovered. It is a truism by now, that cloud “is just another platform.” However, the differences in the platform are fundamental – with huge implications for the applications which run on them. ITIL best practices are also at work, changing the process by which applications are developed, tested, … Read more

What’s in a name? Could be an iPod Touch!

gator and octo1

If you have been following us on Facebook or Twitter, you may have noticed that we have been searching for names for our alligator and octopus mascots. Although we are no longer accepting submissions,  we will still need your help. Beginning Monday, August 15 through Friday, August 19, we will allow our Facebook fans to vote on the four finalists for alligator names and the four finalists for octopus names. The participants whose name is chosen will win one of two Apple 32GB iPod Touch media players. Winners will be notified by email, and then announced on Facebook by August 22. Click here for Terms and Conditions. So…what are you still doing here?! Visit us on Facebook! … Read more

Scalability Requires People and Services, Not Just Technology

Scalability is one of the most attractive features of the cloud.  It lets you meet demand-based business requirements, whether those demands are the results of ads, business growth, seasonal activity or economic cycles. However, scalability is more than just provisioning more technology and/or increasing a data center footprint.  Scaling horizontally to add hardware is the easy part.  Data centers have been doing it for years, first as managed service offerings and now as enterprise caliber cloud offerings.  However, the ability to scale vertically is one of the most attractive features of an Enterprise Cloud.  As your business grows, it also becomes more complex, and an Enterprise Cloud of … Read more