Interop Advice: Match A Cloud’s Capabilities With Your Needs

Last week when I spoke at Interop in Las Vegas, I pressed home the ideas that matching a Cloud’s capabilities to your company’s requirements is the single most important exercise for a successful move to the Cloud.  Why?  Because all clouds are NOT created equal. All clouds are not created equal   I know for a fact that different clouds have different stacks, staff  levels, customer support expertise, recovery capabilities, security, and service level agreements, along with different operational processes and procedures to support those customer-facing functions.  But, as I said last week, a number of pragmatic metrics can help you evaluate a cloud provider.  I focused on the following thr … Read more

Five Considerations When Evaluating Cloud Computing Architectures

An excellent starting point for an organization looking at cloud computing platforms is to examine its IT architecture.  Only by aligning the architecture – compute, network, data center, power and storage resources – with applications can a company be on the path to achieve the reliability and performance it requires within a cloud environment. In cloud computing, true protection is an outcome of the right architecture for the right application.  Organizations need to fully understand their individual application requirements and, if using a cloud platform, the corresponding cloud architecture.  With that knowledge, they can make informed decisions about what cloud platform best meets the r … Read more

Successfully Transform Enterprise IT With The Cloud: A Pragmatic Guide

I'm proud to be presenting at the Interop Conference next week in Las Vegas.  The session is titled "Successfully Transform Enterprise IT With The Cloud: A Pragmatic Guide".  Below is the abstract and details;  I hope to see some of you there - CM   Abstract - As cloud adoption has become the hot topic in the Enterprise, there are many lessons to be learned as to how the early adopters have found success (and some failure) with Cloud projects.  Most enterprises where not built on applications and systems designed to take advantage of the web technologies that are driving public cloud’s rapid adoption.  That doesn’t mean IT has to sit on the sidelines.  There are pragmatic means to use the c … Read more

PaaS: The cost saving “middleware” for cloud infrastructures

where the IT budget goes

Today we hear from  Sarabjeet Chugh on  - PaaS: The cost saving “middleware” for cloud infrastructures Not long ago, a survey of Fortune 100 companies showed that 77% of IT budgets go to maintaining the status quo.  Only 23% of the budget actually drives new revenue.  In recent years, a few dents have been made in IT costs by better development tools and clouds.   Development frameworks like Spring, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, Django framework, etc., let programmers code websites, web applications and web services more quickly, and clouds spread the cost of infrastructure components across multiple companies. Nevertheless, infrastructure maintenance—at 42% of the budget—remains the single b … Read more

Building Cloud-friendly Applications

Today we hear from  Sarabjeet Chugh, Director of Technology Business Development (Cloud Services and Infrastructure) Cloud adoption is progressing rapidly.  Many companies are in the process of determining their migration strategy, and most vendors are refining their processes to provide a smoother on-ramp to the cloud.  Now that cloud is a reality, we need to think about how application development has to evolve to fit the cloud.  The application life cycle is broken.  Programmers write code, run tests and “throw it over the wall” to Operations, where technicians then struggle to accommodate the resource requirements of the application. Old Code is Often Slow Code Applications heavy from … Read more