Guest Post: Jim Dunlap on Cycle30’s SunGard Cloud Solution

We recently asked Jim Dunlap, President of Cycle30 and one of the first customers using Sungard’s Enterprise Cloud Services, for his thoughts about SunGard’s Cloud.  Here’s what he had to say. 1.  Last year, Cycle30 adopted a cloud computing solution.  What do you see as the  key business benefits of cloud computing? “Cloud computing allows us to evolve our application platform as rapidly as our business needs dictate.  Provisioning a virtual machine does not require the detailed planning it once did because we can always scale resources up or down later.   A second benefit is the ability to support a heterogeneous environment on the same hardware. We run a mix of Linux and Microsoft virtu … Read more

What CFOs Need to Know about Cloud Computing

Cloud team member Janel Ryan touches on what CFOs need to know about cloud computing...CM  Today’s business environment requires CFOs to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.  Considering cloud computing, a CFO will likely hear a lot of hype, but the most important thing to consider in a cloud solution is “which business problems do I want to solve?”  Consider these: Maximize Cost Efficiencies From a cost saving perspective, cloud computing can preserve capital, turning a large, upfront CapEx into an OpEx.  Cost savings stem from providing a “pay as you go” model.  Strategy Cloud computing is not one-size-fits-all.  As you review your business needs and priorities, understand some appli … Read more

Two Hidden Advantages of the Cloud

It’s easy to point to the cost savings, elasticity and productivity improvements as advantages major reasons to move to the cloud.  But there are other, less obvious advantages that should not be overlooked.  Given the speed of change in today’s business environment, the following two advantages may well be the one that lets you leap ahead of the competition. Application Selection First, with cloud computing your business units have the flexibility to select applications that suit their needs most closely, rather than be constrained to applications that fit your IT department’s current stack.  Adding a different platform, database type or technical skill to your cloud is much simpler for a … Read more