Key Considerations When Moving to IaaS

Rahul Bakshi is  the Vice President, Managed Services Solution Design at SunGard Availability Services Now that more enterprises are starting to embrace IaaS and the cloud, here are some key considerations when making the cloud move: First and foremost – prior to evaluating providers – it is critically important for an organization to know and understand how its applications are architected and the benefits it is looking to obtain from an IaaS solution.  This includes, but is not limited to – testing and certifying on virtualization, testing performance characteristics, and understanding any application interdependencies.  Similarly, enterprises need to articulate what they are hoping to ac … Read more

A Case for Cybersecurity First Responders

For years in the continuity business, I’ve spoken to audiences about the fact that you can’t outsource your first response. This is true at a community level, and it is true for businesses. When a fire strikes, the red trucks and water don’t come from Washington; they come from your local volunteer or paid fire fighters. The same is true for corporate disasters; outsourced partners and support vendors will be involved, but the first response will likely come from within your organization. Step One: Prepare in Advance Preparing first response tactics are best done well in advance of any actual disaster. You need health and safety plans in place before any fire, flood or earthquake impacts yo … Read more

Should Email Live in the Cloud?

It's a question a lot of people are asking.  Let's hear from Matt Carey, senior director, product marketing, at SunGard Availability Services and one of the Cloud team members on the topic.  Should email live in the cloud?  The customers I’ve talked to say yes, and the analysts agree that email is the #1 application being evaluated for migration to the cloud.  Fact: 71% of companies will adopt cloud Recent research  by SunGard and IDG Research among key decision makers from mid- to large-sized companies shows 71% of respondents will be operational within the cloud over the next 18 months.  Forty-size percent already have implementations in progress, 12% will be operational within the next … Read more

Tier1 Sees SunGardAS “In Sync” with Trends Driving Cloud Adoption

Agatha Poon at Tier1 Research issued a report today on SunGard Availability Services’ Enterprise Cloud Solution and our recent decision to use Nimsoft’s monitoring system (NMS) as a key compontent of our cloud offering.  The full report will be accessible via the SunGardAS website shortly – for now, an excerpt:  "T1R believes that SunGard’s latest move is in sync with the market trends in driving enterprise cloud adoption. Apparently, unified monitoring is more than wishful thinking. Increasingly, as enterprises look to spread their wings and deploy flexible IT models like cloud computing to complement purpose-built IT infrastructures, the ability to provide unified management and monitorin … Read more

Why Cloud Computing is Moving So Fast

Today we hear from Patrick Doherty, CMO and EVP at SunGard Availability Services, to discuss the trends that are contributing to the rapid increase in cloud adoption...CM The rate that businesses are moving to the Cloud is increasing and we can point to the convergence of three trends as the drivers of that shift.  First, the economy is putting tremendous pressure on businesses to conserve cash and make IT leaner.  That means that major IT investments, such as the refresh or upgrade of a data center, are getting a second or even third review.  Second, global competition is pushing companies to improve products and processes sooner rather than later.  With competitors nipping at the he … Read more