Rahul Bakshi Predicts Cloud Maturity and Convergence

Rahul Bakshi

SunGard Availability Services released an article recently featuring Rahul Bakshi, vice president Product Management, Managed Services at SunGard AS.  In the article, Rahul offers predictions on the future of the cloud, including the maturity and convergence of offerings. Click here to see the video of Rahul discussing his predictions:   … Read more

Cloud is a Service, Not a Commodity

Forrester’s James Staten recently wrote a very well written (and widely read) piece on Cloud Computing trends for 2011.  While I agree with most of his bold points and predictions, one point gave me pause.  James writes: “Cloud economics gets switched on.  Being cheap is good. We all know the basic of cloud economics — pay only for what you use — but the mechanism isn’t the lesson; it’s just the tool. Cloud economics 101 is matching elastic applications to cloud platforms and moving transient apps in and out so their costs are constantly returning to zero. Cloud economics 201 is designing and optimizing applications to take greatest advantage. Cloud economics 301 is knowing when and which cl … Read more

Can Cloud Computing Improve Your Security?

Cloud Security continues to dominiate the cloud conversation.  I asked Nik Weidenbacher, director of product engineering for cloud computing to give us his thoughts on cloud improving security.  Nik and his team are responsible for designing, building and testing the infrastructure for SunGard’s Cloud Computing Service...CM Can Cloud Computing Improve Your Security? Obviously, the answer is “it depends.”  How good is your security now?  A number of factors play into that question. Security in a Data Center If your technology runs in a traditional data center and you move to a cloud where the same technology is used, security is quite similar.  Essentially, you’ve been using virtual local … Read more

Is the Cloud Security Risk Overstated?

Gregory L. Smith, Senior Product Architect for Cloud Computing, is a liaison to clients for defining and shaping the security components of SunGard’s Cloud Computing Services. Is the Cloud Security Risk Overstated? Is the cloud security risk overstated?  If you work with a trusted partner and already have good security practices in place before you move to a cloud, I think the security risk in the cloud is slightly overstated.  It is not cloud computing itself that is the risk. The Security Risk Realization Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a company to be planning a move to a cloud and suddenly see risks everywhere, including places that they had naively overlooked in their existing … Read more

Resilience is Power …


… and water, and HVAC, and all related infrastructure components. Resilience is dependent on all these infrastructure components, along with network communications. This became obvious this weekend with two distinct events: - A friend shared a photo of a car that went through the side of a building while parking; in doing so, they broke water and sewage lines which prevented the building from remaining open for business occupancy for several days. - An underground explosion and fire in Philadelphia early Monday morning – just a few blocks from my office – caused local businesses to deal with power outages and street closures when they arrived back after the weekend. These two incidents ar … Read more

Guest Blog: Cisco’s Omar Sultan’s Thoughts on Security in Multi-Tenant Environments

VBlock Multi-tenent environment

One of the most frequent questions I get when the topic of cloud computing comes up is around security.  Justifiably, folks tend to have questions around security, privacy, and regulatory compliance in shared environments. A shared environment (also called a multi-tenant environment) is much like an apartment building.  You have multiple tenants (renters) sharing common infrastructure (the apartment building).   The tenants may be different departments from the same company or completely different companies. Security is a complex topic but the main concepts are applicable whether you are looking at private cloud solutions or public cloud solutions.  To keep things grounded in something prac … Read more

FISMA, Cybersecurity, and Enterprise Resilience

Earlier this week, a colleague asked whether cybersecurity was really different from information security, and if so, how was it to be managed: within or separate from IT security? Cybersecurity has a focus on external electronic threats to your information or operation. No IT security program would be effective without considering such external threats, so it is fair to say that cybersecurity is a specialty area within the broad requirements of IT security. Internal security looks at passwords, access authorization, employee awareness and training, data protection and more. What makes cybersecurity unique is the complexity of a changing environment, and the need to constantly upgrade the … Read more