SMB and Enterprise Differences: Security, Risk and Continuity


Earlier this month, Forrester Research published the results of a survey that highlighted top priorities for IT decision makers. Improving BC/DR was the top priority for SMB organizations, and was #2 for large enterprises.  This made me consider: when preparing for security, risk and continuity, what are the differences that organizational size makes ?  I invited three SunGard consultants to share their thoughts on each area.  Their responses are summarized in this table for you: Security Viewpoint (Chris Burgher, CISSP, PMP, CISA - Associate Principal, Security) "With information security, the main risk factors are the same when considering organization sizem and include compliance, br … Read more

What Happened to Inventory Safety Stock? Some Thoughts on Supply Chain Resilience

Recalling a brief discussion with Dr. Yossi Sheffi a few years ago following the publication of his book, The Resilient Enterprise, I am reminded of his description that every industry has a supply chain dynamic. For years, a standard measurement of supply chain management was the safety stock level. Of late, efficient supply chain management looks to reduce that level to approaching zero for “just-in-time” management. And it is working. A review of average sales figures compared to inventory levels between 1999 and 2009 (last full-year data, U.S. Census Bureau) shows sales increases of 28% while inventories only increased 24%. Looking back to 2007 (pre-economic turmoil) is even more dra … Read more

Q&A with: Bob DiLossi – Director of Crisis Management

Bob DiLossi is the Director of the SunGard Availability Crisis Management Center, having managed this area for the past seven years. In that time, Bob has been directly involved in hundreds of disaster exercises and actual declarations. As we recognize September as National Preparedness Month, pass this ninth anniversary of the September 11th tragedy, and anticipating the DRJ Fall World Conference (September 19-22, 2010), I had the chance to speak with Bob and get his perspective on crisis management today. Q: Can you tell me what has changed in recent years from what you are seeing with customers? A: Customers today practice additional scenarios, and to a greater depth of detail, than … Read more

E-Commerce Failure and Operational Impact

Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month in the US? At SunGard we often speak with our customers about “Recovery Time Achievable”, or RTA. It’s fine – and necessary – to understand and define RTO and RPO, but each business needs to know what is achievable based on their plans and procedures, and whether a gap exists between RTO and RTA. The gap can severely contribute to the cost of downtown, and what better time than National Preparedness Month to look more closely at what your resilience program can achieve? Outage Costs and Resilience Type “e-commerce outage” into any search engine, and you get an intriguing list of stories. Some, however, also impact your physical loca … Read more

Electronic Medical Records, Quality of Care … And Resilience

EMR and Resilience Have you considered how automation affects your own health care, particularly in a crisis or emergency situation?  Not too long ago, I sat in an emergency room late in the evening, with yet one more visit for one of my son’s sports’ injuries.  At midnight, there was an announcement over the public address system to hospital staff, advising them to go to “manual records” for the next two hours while they completed system backups  Clearly, this message caused doctors, nurses and supporting health care technicians to change the way they provided patient care during those next few hours. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) would be unavailable, and at some point all the manually … Read more

The Business of Resilience – Introduction

The Business of Resilience The world of business continuity and disaster recovery has changed these past few years to a world of resilience. This blog shares my thoughts and reactions to technology and business trends, to news and events that raise questions – for me at least – about where managers, business leaders and tech professionals are guiding resilience forward. Whose Idea Is This, Anyway? SunGard Availability Services has a long tradition in the continuity space. As the first commercial provider of recovery services for mainframe customers, we’ve had the benefit of guiding and participating in the changes that continuity professionals use as best practices, along with the many talen … Read more