Author: Tracey (Forbes) Rice on

Ever Try To Turn Your Business Continuity Management Program On Its Head?

We do a business impact analysis. We identify risks. We put in place a business continuity management program. Presto chango, we achieve comprehensive business resiliency. To put it baldly, “Yeah. Right.” That may have been true in the days when the risks we contended with were statistically predictable, quantifiable, and insurable. Things like fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, […]

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Author: Sue Poremba on

Why Security Issues In Cloud Computing Are No Longer An Oxymoron

Cloud and security have long been two words that didn’t fit together in the tech world. In fact, for years, when mentioning “cloud security” to IT professionals, they’d snicker or laugh, reminding you that there was “no such thing as security issues in cloud computing.” They aren’t laughing now. Although it isn’t foolproof – no security […]

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