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Unexpected Costs Can Give You A Cloud Hangover

You’ve heard the hype: “The cloud will save you money.” “Eliminate capital expenses from your budget with the cloud.” “A cloud-based operational expense model will dramatically lower your costs.” On the basis of statements like these, businesses of every size – from local companies to global enterprises – have joined the cloud party. Unfortunately, when […]

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5 Critical Questions To Ensure Your Production Environment Remains Available

Think of your production environment as the heart of your business operations. It’s the computer system that includes the databases that contain your production data and the end-user applications that use that data to complete your everyday business processes. In addition, having the right expertise is critical in keeping the heart healthy and running efficiently. […]

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In IT, Good Compliance Is Good Business

Every year around this time, thousands of companies across the country conduct their annual compliance training for employees. You know what I’m talking about: the virtual or classroom courses you’re required to take to make sure you uphold the company values, obey applicable laws, act with integrity and prevent disruptive behaviors.  The people responsible for […]

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Faster Data Recovery Service And Greater Resiliency For Kelso & Company

The private equity business is booming, according to a recent survey by the Harvard Business Review.  The Harvard survey found that private equity funds outperformed public equity markets over the last three decades, and that private equity investors anticipate improving the performance of the companies in which they invest with more emphasis on accelerating growth […]

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