A Measuring Stick For The Cloud

the cloud

Remember when you were little and your parents would record your height by making a pencil mark on your doorframe every time you grew an inch or two? We thought it was time to do the same for the cloud computing industry, since growth is happening fast! To get the numbers we needed, Sungard Availability Services and EMC recently commissioned an important survey of businesses on their use of cloud technology and cloud recovery services. The study, conducted by IDG Research Services, queried 132 IT professionals in companies of all sizes – from less than 1,000 to more than 10,000 employees – throughout the U.S. Here’s how the measurements worked out … Cloud Services: Undergoing a Growt … Read more

Halloween Life Hacks

life hacks

Work can go berserk on October 31st! Halloween causes many otherwise dignified and responsible co-workers to cast all inhibitions to the wind and make you wish for something tame … like a zombie invasion. You know how it can be on Halloween. You walk in the front door, only to be met by The G.I. Joe in full regalia … complete with a working assault rifle which he is pointing right at you. You start to dream about arming yourself with life hacks to counter this predictable ambush... You edge past him, waving a white flag in surrender, and slip into the elevator. Make that “squeeze” into the elevator, since 99% of it is taken up by The Diva’s glittering princess costume! Once at your … Read more

Here’s A Halloween Treat: The 6 Scariest Pieces Of Malware


All malware is scary, all the time. It can take over your computer and turn it into a zombie. It can record your keystrokes and reveal all kinds of personal or sensitive information to a cybercriminal. It can infiltrate your operating system and force you to pay a ransom to recover data (or pay a ransom to a computer repair specialist to fix whatever the malware destroyed). Some malware, however, is scarier than others, because just when we’ve been lulled into believing the malware is dead or dormant, it comes back to life – and when resurrected, is often more destructive than its original incarnation. Here are six popular pieces of malware that refuse to die. 1. Zeus Zeus was first id … Read more

My Disaster Recovery Career Began With The Loma Prieta Earthquake…As Other Businesses Met Their Demise

disaster recovery

A quarter century ago, I got into the disaster recovery business by accident. I was walking through my company’s loading dock and found a huge fireproof safe. When I asked what was in it, I was told, “Reel-to-reel backup tapes of all of the software that we develop and sell to our customers, and our accounting records.” Since I was the company’s IT security guy (we didn’t have CISOs back then), I commented to my manager that if an earthquake rendered the safe unreachable, we could be out of business. My manager encouraged me to outline a strategy and budget for disaster recovery, but my plan was subsequently shelved due to the expense. That was in April of 1989. Six months later, on … Read more

The Best IT Blogs Of The Week: 10-24-14

IT blogs

Businesses need upgrades, not only for operational success, but to keep up with the industry’s changing standards. One of the upgrades to consider is migrating some or all of your systems to the cloud to streamline your applications and operate more efficiently (among many other perks!). The cloud is a handy tool, especially for those startup businesses that want to save precious time and money. Without further ado, in this week’s roundup we talk startups, cloud, and overall IT transformation. Let’s get to it! In the News This week, we’ve got a couple of current events to cover, including new strategies from both hackers (again!?) and Salesforce. Let’s get the bad news over with first: hack … Read more

IT Transformation Probably Has Your CIO Spooked

IT transformation

I know: if you’re a CIO, you probably hate the term “IT transformation.” It sounds like lofty, unpractical marketing jargon. However, it’s not. Sometimes it is down-to-earth, practical business. Here, for instance … Recently, I was sitting down with a global executive vice president of infrastructure for a very large information company. They have 30 petabytes of data under management – more than the entire Library of Congress. In the words of the executive, “Forget big data. We’re handling gigantic data.” The company has built a very sturdy, very secure global infrastructure footprint. They have data centers all over the world. Rock solid platforms. Phenomenal security. They know the rule … Read more

Hybrids (The Cloud Services Variety) And Network Strategies For CIOs In The Internet Of Everything Era, According to Cisco Executive Rob Lloyd

cloud services

As President of Development and Sales at Cisco, Rob Lloyd travels the world talking to customers and industry aficionados these days about the evolving challenges and opportunities brought by the Internet of Everything. That includes looking at current and future network platforms, software, architectures, applications, and strategies. With the number of devices accessing network resources growing dramatically—along with security concerns, operational complexity, costs, and customer expectations—how does an enterprise create the right network strategy for today and tomorrow? Sungard Availability Services spoke with Lloyd to get his insights. The Hybrid Cloud is Hot Lloyd believes that clo … Read more

The Surprising “Weakest Link” In Disaster Recovery Success

Are your external communications threatening otherwise sound disaster recovery plans?

Your company is prepared. You have your disaster recovery (DR) plan written and available on an externally-hosted website. Your contracts are in place; your backups are verified and off-site. Your critical data is replicated to your DR provider. You have plans for all your people if the disaster impacts them and your facility. Bring on the zombie apocalypse: you are ready! Umm … maybe you’d better hope those zombies stay in their graves a little while longer. You see, when I consult with clients, I always ask a certain question … and it usually punctures their self-congratulatory bubble. Ready? Here it is: “Have you tested your external connections under disaster recovery conditi … Read more

Is Your CMO Considering Hadoop? Let’s Make A Case For Big Data As A Service Instead


If you’re a CMO today, I expect you are chomping at the bit to get into this whole “big data” craze: taking the data sets you have already collected and mining them for insights and trends you can then leverage to market your products, connect with your target audience, and enhance your brand recognition. To mine your data for hidden gems, you are probably considering Hadoop, a software engine designed to give answers to your big data queries. But that begs the question: how do you implement Hadoop? It would be nice if you could get IT’s attention and support, but they didn’t even have the bandwidth to help you with your marketing automation software. The truth is, leveraging big data m … Read more